Left Coast Liberals Create Health Care ‘Crisis’ for Pets

Treating pets like humans is what the radical animal 'rights' crowd does best.

Treating pets like humans is what the radical animal 'rights' crowd does best.

Taking a few pages from the Obama playbook for giving people what they don’t want or need and making them feel like they’ll die without it, a California Democrat is pitching health care reform for pets. Animal ‘rights’ groups supporting the initiative say millions of cats and dogs are running-up billions of dollars in health care bills at veterinarians’ offices nationwide, and only 1 percent of their owners have health insurance.

California pet owners who already have insurance are complaining that their providers are corrupt and need the helping hand of big government to step-in and reform the greedy industry. Can you say, “Crisis!?!?”

Democratic state Assemblyman Dave Jones, who is running for state insurance commissioner in the November election, said some of the same practices being corrected by the recently enacted federal health care overhaul are used by pet insurance companies, including denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Jones has introduced a bill that would make pet insurers post detailed information on their websites so consumers can see exactly what is covered and what is not. They could then compare options, just as if they were buying insurance for themselves in a post-health reform world.

Think this is crazy and doesn’t stand a chance of becoming law? Jones’ bill has already passed the state Assembly and a Senate insurance committee. The only thing preventing this absurdity from becoming a reality is an upcoming hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the world’s most prominent radical animal ‘rights’ group, and the mainstream American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) claim to be working on behalf of pet owners to get the petcare legislation passed. Both groups lobbied for the removal of the provision in the petcare bill that would ban insurers from denying health care to pets with pre-existing conditions, citing concerns that it would drive-up costs for insurers and members.

Coincidentally, the ASPCA sells health care insurance plans for pets, so it stands to benefit from state lawmakers ‘encouraging’ pet owners to purchase petcare plans. And, the organization’s petcare website notes, “The ASPCA also benefits from every plan that’s purchased. That means, you’ll be making a difference in the lives of animals across the country by protecting your pet at home.”

The ASPCA receives “up to 10% of the purchase price” for every petcare plan purchased, so making sure the California petcare bill becomes law will be “making a difference” in its operating budget, too.

It comes as no surprise that big government bureaucrats in bankrupt California are applying their time and resources to fixing a problem that has little impact on the overall economic recovery of the state and its taxpaying citizens. The state’s current unemployment rate is at 12.3 percent, yet state and local lawmakers continue prefer to consume their efforts with issues that have no potential to put citizens back to work.

Banning toys in Happy Meals, promoting an “official” pot brownie recipe, prohibiting citizens from buying pets, a plastic bag ban, a soda tax, and restrictions on soft drink sales are just a few of the recent efforts made by California lawmakers that have absolutely no potential to help the state and its unemployed citizens recover from economic devastation.

It’s time to stop watching from the sidelines and start fighting big government on the front lines. Join the revolution today! The Nanny State Liberation Front wants you!

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