Beach Town to Crack Down on Gratuitous Booty Exposure

Perfectly legal in Cocoa Beach

Perfectly legal in Cocoa Beach

It’s perfectly fine and legal for citizens in Cocoa Beach, Fla. to expose their barely covered butts on the beach, but when it comes to strolling on the street with your underwear exposed, that’s where busybody bureaucrats draw the line.

Love it or hate it, the urban fashion trend of wearing pants that are way too big to stay at waist-level is in full effect in countless cities and suburbs across the nation. If you’re unfamiliar with this popular fashion faux pas, the sleuths at explain it quite nicely:

“Sagging pants originated among inmates in prison. The look gained hold in 1990s hip-hop culture. Black youth began emulating the style, which eventually expanded into mainstream culture. Many young men today who wear sagging pants, with or without belts, often wear long T-shirts or dress shirts, which cover their undergarments.

“It’s inappropriate,” Cocoa Mayor Mike Blake said. “That’s a fashion fad I cannot participate in. I don’t want to see yours, and you don’t want to see mine.”

Soon to be illegal in Cocoa Beach?

Soon to be illegal in Cocoa Beach?

While a formal bill outlawing saggy pants has not been submitted to the city council for consideration, Blake recently asked the city attorney to research how the beach town could crackdown on gratuitous booty exposure.

“Since 2007, dozens of cities across the U.S. have considered or passed indecency laws that ban low-slung pants that sit below the waist,” notes. “Bans are already in place in six cities in Louisiana, Virginia and Georgia. Bans also have been considered or are in place in Dallas, Baltimore and Atlanta. The laws carry penalties ranging from warnings to fines to jail time.”

Recently, one of America’s most notorious nanny state leaders said his city has no right to tell citizens to pull-up their pants and spare the public from seeing what their momma’s gave them.

“I don’t know why people dress the way they dress,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters. “I don’t judge people on how they look or how they dress. I judge people about how they act… Some dress the way I do. Some dress differently. I am certainly not the style police, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance… I don’t think the government should be in the business of telling people what they should wear.”

Is this a nanny state effort that you support or oppose? Chime-in with your comments below.

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3 responses to “Beach Town to Crack Down on Gratuitous Booty Exposure

  1. Did I just read something that Mayor Bloomberg said that I agree with? Wow. As much as I can not stand this fashion trend….what gives the gubbermint the right to tell me or anyone how to dress? Who decides what is appropriate and what is not?

  2. As ridiculas as it looks to me. we have bigger fish to fry with government time& money.

  3. While this is an incredibly dumb look, aren’t there other issues to deal with. I say make it legal to walk around yanking these idiots’ pants down and humiliating them in public. Thats what we did in school to some kid who dressed like that and the very next day, he came to school with a belt. Public humiliation works.

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