Public School Bans “Grinding” and “Excessive” PDA

A nanny state victory or another assault on freedom?

A nanny state victory or another assault on freedom?

Love it or hate it, the only way that too many teenagers know how to dance is by getting ‘close and personal’ with their partner(s). Well, that’s about to change in one Massachusetts public high school, thanks to administrators who are fed-up with watching students simulate sexual acts on the dance floor.

Oakmont Regional High School Assistant Principal Greg Smith announced this week that he is instituting a zero-tolerance policy towards “inappropriate dancing” at dances in the coming school year. Last year, he and other adults supervising the prom witnessed “grinding” among students that “bordered on obscene.”

According to the Sentinel & Enterprise, the 2010-2011 Oakmont student handbook was recently updated to include: “Behavior at any school function must be consistent with the standards of decency, maturity and respect that we expect from all members of our school community.”

Will school officials ban armpit licking, too?

Will school officials ban armpit licking, too?

In addition to prohibiting “dirty dancing” among students, school officials are also outlawing “excessive public displays of affection.” Back in the day, public displays of affection or “PDA” related to kissing in public and nothing more. One can only assume what “excessive” refers to these days, and it probably has nothing to do with expressing affection or respect between partners if it’s being done on the dance floor.

The good news, for those that still maintain an ounce of dignity, self-respect and moral values, is that there are now rules in place to ensure nobody’s hands go below the waist as to avoid any potential for contact with “sensitive areas.”

Banning all of these practices will not teach students how to respect themselves and each other, just like banning smoking in bars won’t encourage smokers to quit, if that’s the desired goal for nanny state bureaucrats. Whether students who buck the ban receive detention, demerits or suspensions, those punishments will only encourage them to be more covert or just go elsewhere the next time they’re tempted to break the rules.

Parents should be teaching their children how to properly interact and engage with members of the opposite sex and teachers should be promoting values that foster healthy and safe relationships between young men and women with mutual respect as one of the ultimate life lessons to be learned.

In an ideal world, that scenario might happen. In the public school system, administrators have made it clear that they’re not in the business of teaching kids values and the difference between right and wrong, but they sure know how to punish kids for doing things they would know were wrong if someone just took the time to teach them why.

We’ll leave it up to readers to make the call on how or if the public school system has dropped the ball on helping kids grow-up to be responsible adults. Sound-off below.

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