School’s Innocent Tradition Falls Victim to Anti-Bullying Policy

Click to watch Principal Syzmaniak's justifying his "proactive" decision to outlaw a longstanding tradition at his new school.

Click to watch Principal Syzmaniak's justifying his "proactive" decision to outlaw a longstanding tradition at his new school.

A Massachusetts high school has banned the annual tradition of freshmen boys and girls wearing pink t-shirts to distinguish them from upperclassmen at a pre-Thanksgiving football game pep rally. According to the school’s new principal, the color pink is a magnet for bullying.

“Officially, nobody’s come to me yet this year,” said Whitman Hanson Regional High School Principal Jeffrey Szymaniak, “but I’m trying to be proactive with that so that if one student feels inappropriate in this area, or one student doesn’t feel safe, that we’ve created an environment where all kids feel comfortable and safe.”

FOX-25 reporter Shannon Mulaire said students told her that in previous years, before their new principal arrived, “they weren’t forced to wear pink, but they did have the option, and some of them want that back.”

At this year’s pep rally, seniors will still wear their traditional black t-shirts, while juniors sport red and sophomores don their whites — but freshmen will be banned from wearing pink — no questions asked, Syzmaniak warns.

Szymaniak told Mulaire that any student who shows up to the pep rally wearing pink will be denied entrance and re-directed to the cafeteria where they can participate in “another activity.”

Michael Graham, a conservative talk show host in Boston, sums up the situation nicely: “Being picked on by a fellow student is too horrifying to bear, but being singled out by the principal and punished? It’s A-OK!”

Contact Principal Szymaniak if you are outraged by his arrogance. He has stigmatized the color pink and promoted it to his students as a sign of weakness that invites bullying — not vice-versa:

Tel: 781-618-7020

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