Bureaucrats Transforming Schools into “Sweet-Free Zones”

"Yes" is not in nanny state food cops' limited vocabulary.

"Yes" is not in nanny state food cops' limited vocabulary.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the St. Paul school district will make all public schools “sweet-free zones” by the end of the school year. Opponents of the plan say “there is little proof such policies work” and that “it’s a school’s role to teach — not force — students to eat healthy.”

The school district’s unproven and experimental anti-obesity crusade is being fueled by “a series of state and federal grants, the largest of which will end this school year.”

Agree or disagree with St. Paul Public Schools’ crusade to rid all “sweet, sticky, fat-laden [and] salty treats” from kids’ lunchboxes and cafeteria trays?

Contact Superintendent Valeria S. Silva if you think parents, not bureaucrats, should determine what’s best for their own children to consume in school cafeterias:

Email Superintendent Silva: supt.silva@spps.org

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2 responses to “Bureaucrats Transforming Schools into “Sweet-Free Zones”

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  2. All this spin with bureaucrats controlling the foods being served in schools, turning schools into “sweet free zones” in particular because we parents do not know any better is pure horse fodder.
    As my brother and I discussed the matter on New Year’s Day, he took me back to when we were in middle school. Back then (60’s) there were no soda machines but there were bake sales which was never an issue and every school had daily gym class sessions for everyone. For at least an hour a day, we exercised vigorously and played like dodge ball or jogging in place.
    He also pointed out that the same groups playing nanny today are responsible for placing the junk food menu, the soda machines etc. into our schools under the guise that they were making school meals more likable to children.
    Once junk foods. soda and goody machines were firmly in place, these factions went on to eliminate gym classes.
    Today, they blame parents for the obesity of children. Their findings are misplaced. History dictates that they look within and while at it, reinstate gym and exercise programs.

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