City Bans Puffing, Petting and Eating Behind the Wheel

Do we really need a law telling motorists they can't pet their dogs while driving? Nanny state bureaucrats in Troy, Mich., think so ...

Do we really need a law telling motorists they can't pet their dogs while driving? Nanny state bureaucrats in Troy, Mich., think so ...

One city’s efforts to ensure motorists stay focused on the road ahead seems like a bit of overkill, but we’ll let you be the judge:

Bagel-chomping motorists prone to texting while driving beware: Police in a Detroit suburb have officially begun looking for you.

Troy police began enforcing the city’s new driving while distracted ordinance, which went into effect Saturday.

The ordinance passed last year in the city about 15 miles north of Detroit aims to crack down on distracted drivers whose bad behind-the-wheel behavior includes using a cell phone, eating, grooming and interacting with pets. Motorists face fines from $75 to $200.

The newly enacted law targets motorists for fines if they “temporarily remove both hands from the full grip of the wheel.” While lighting and smoking cigarettes is not specifically cited in the law as a violation, “[v]irtually any activity could be included at the discretion of an officer,” writes the Detroit Examiner’s Richard Weaver.

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7 responses to “City Bans Puffing, Petting and Eating Behind the Wheel

  1. That’s right Detroit. Your ex mayor languishes in prison, your property values are virtually non existent, and people are fleeing you as though the bubonic plague has broken out there, I do and much prefer to live in the granola state of mexifornia. At least the stupidity that is infecting your microscopic brains originated here. You are even more stupid for not having the brains to see what your idiocy leads to. Myopic fools!

    • From one Californian to another — I AGREE ROY! How pathetic! I knew people were leaving California by the groves, and mostly middle class, but it’s starting to look like maybe all the stupid ones are the ones leaving. They seem to be leaving their stench in every state they re-locate to! You’d think they’d learn from this State’s Horrid ERRORS in Law Making, well, as ironic as it is, every since Mr. Moonbeam last ran California. One would think that as much as the rest of the nation bashes us, that they would at least LEARN A LESSON from us! But NO, just like your typical copy-cats, they gotta jump right on board with us. One state at a time is taking too long to destroy the nation I guess, so they’re gonna destroy us several states at a time now. Pretty Pathetic! Now let’s hope Cali doesn’t catch wind of this one … we all know California doesn’t like to be outdone with the outrageous laws and environmental garbage. LOOK California now has CAP AND TRADE!! Yep, California’s got it, so the nation must need it too! Wonder how long it will be before other states join in. Who needs the Feds for Cap and Trade when the states can and will (in the case of California) do it for them!?!

  2. Hey Michigan? Interested in copying California’s Cap and Trade law next?

  3. I think some of the Mexifornians landed in Brownsville, TX. They have just enacted laws banning plastic shopping bags. So now, when you go out and happen to go by the store and forgot your Pierre Cardin shopping bags, you either have to buy a non-designer one or dump everything in the backseat/trunk of your car and let it roll everywhere when you turn corners. Just don’t turn to fast. Might hit the baby with a flying can of soup.

  4. no_one_in_particular

    “temporarily remove both hands from the full grip of the wheel.”

    How do you drive a stick?!!

  5. good question, how would you drive a stick lol. if you see a cop talking on his radio while behind the wheel are you able to make a valid citizen’s arrest? lol

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