CAPTIONFEST: Who’s Your Nanny?

It looks like motorists in Tacoma, Wash., have a tough dilemma on their hands. Do they respect the parking laws of the city or the wishes of Subway?

“I’m wondering if Subway is sending these out and trying to override municipal parking regulations all across the nation,” asks ‘Justin,’ who submitted the image of dueling parking signs to

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3 responses to “CAPTIONFEST: Who’s Your Nanny?

  1. The Subway sign in unenforceable. I NEVER obey those ridiculous supermarket signs which designate a space for “new or expectant moms” or parents with young children. Since the tax system works in favor of those with multiple offspring, I’m already subsidizing those who overpopulate the Earth. I deserve rock star parking.

    • responsibility

      Dude are you serious? First, those are private parking lots owned by the supermarket, they should be able to do what ever they want with whatever signs they wish to put up. Second, I hope you never find a girl willing to have your kids. Her pregnancy would be a nightmare with that kind of support.

      I have (and would do it again, especially for you) notified management subsequently watched the car get towed when I witnessed a single male of exceedingly good health take the only parking spot for a couple hundred meters in a packed and busy parking lot. The space was marked expectant mothers.

      What kind of a**hole can’t recognize the fact that parking lots are very dangerous, especially for children.

  2. responsibility

    I forgot to add that I would absolutely ignore that sign, provided it was posted on a public parking space. If subway owned the lot I would oblige.

    I personally enjoy the (ever eroding) right I have to do with my property what I see fit. I expect anyone on my property to abide by my rules as well as the rule of law. I would of course respect and oblige another on his land in the same way.

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