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State Mandates Food Cops in Every Restaurant

"I'll be your food protection manager tonight. What can't I serve you?"

"I'll be your food protection manager tonight. What can't I serve you?"

Starting Feb. 1, every restaurant in Mass. will be forced to employ at least one “certified food protection manager.” Among the many duties to be assumed by the state-mandated food cops will be teaching fellow staff about “washing hands with soap and water and not hand sanitizer, and wiping food preparation areas, table tops and highchairs with commercial-strength cleaners.”

The most important task ahead, say proponents of the mandatory food safety initiative, is preventing patrons with food allergies from being poisoned or killed by their meals. The newly enlisted food protection managers will be responsible for personally serving every ‘special needs’ patron while teaching fellow servers and kitchen staff how to avoid contaminating plates with allergens.

“Restaurants are also encouraged to make simpler dishes by avoiding ingredients that hide allergens, like some mollusks and shellfish, barley and rye,” reports Boston’s WCVB-TV. “Currently, federal law does not require ‘minor’ allergens to be clearly listed on food labels.”

Got that? Thanks to the new law, chefs will be “encouraged” to alter their signature recipes that they’ve crafted for the vast majority of patrons who do not have food allergies.

Simply posting warnings on menus about potential food allergens contained in dishes would make too much sense and force those with food allergies to actually pay attention to what they choose to consume. This way, they can not be held responsible for getting sick — it’s the restaurants and chefs who will be blamed and sued for poisoning them. Talk about a ‘Happy Meal’ for trial lawyers!

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The Great Lie of the Nanny State

Video brought to you by the Tenth Amendment Center. Here’s an introduction to their synopsis of the video (read more on video’s YouTube description):

Many of us, after years of indoctrination at our government schools, were left with a sense that there is a great government force working hard every day to protect us and look after our best interest. We were told that government standards keep us safe from disease, that government highway regulations keep us safe from car accidents, that federal agencies make sure that the food we eat will be healthy.

The result of all of this? Americans everywhere drive more carelessly, do not research what they put on their plate and take medications that leave them sicker, rather than healthier …

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Girl Scouts Expand Mission to Slimming Down America


"Meet me at the monkey bars and be ready to break a sweat!"

"Meet me at the monkey bars and be ready to break a sweat!"

The same little girls that peddle high-calorie, high-fat cookies will soon become certified personal fitness trainers in an effort to slim down those they plump-up. An upcoming event in Washington, D.C. will pair the Girl Scouts of America (GSA) with a celebrity fitness trainer who will deputize thousands of girls to fight obesity across the nation.

Michael Torchia, President/Founder of the Shape Up Campaign, said he is joining forces with the GSA to help curb America’s obesity ‘epidemic’ while providing young girls with the opportunity to start their own personal fitness training businesses.

“We have to expose young people at an early age to entrepreneurship and the opportunities and resources that come from it. Entrepreneurship is the impetus needed to create jobs in urban neighborhoods and change the plight of urban decay in major cities,” Torchia said of his initiative with the GSA. “If teens have their own business and it is something they believe in, they most likely going to really work hard at it and it will take them away from all of the negativity in most low income neighborhoods and help keep them out of trouble.”

By a virtual show of hands (comment below), who would seriously hire a Girl Scout between the ages of 11 and 18 to be your personal fitness trainer, whether it’s for strength training, aerobic and cardiovascular exercise or nutrition advice? And, would you trust a Girl Scout’s seemingly limited experience and judgment to help you determine a proper fitness routine and/or diet?

We applaud the efforts of Torchia and the GSA to encourage young girls to explore and engage in entrepreneurial endeavors, but isn’t that what selling cookies is all about?

Let’s leave the health tips and advice to the true professionals who are not only skilled and certified in personal fitness and, perhaps, nutrition, but have an understanding of the musculoskeletal system and how to adapt certain exercises and techniques to individuals with varying needs, limitations and restrictions. Call it a hunch, but those additional areas of interest likely won’t be addressed in the upcoming GSA personal fitness trainer certification courses.

Got ID, Granny?

Like This!

Granny got carded!

Granny got carded!

The Indiana State Legislature will soon mandate that any venue selling carryout liquor check patrons’ identification, even if they are senior citizens.

The new law, effective July 1, is intended to completely eliminate the sale of alcohol to minors. Unfortunately, if granny doesn’t have her ID on her when purchasing a bottle of scotch, she’ll be denied with no questions asked.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers, which has supported mandatory carding legislation for years, says the Nanny State law will “leave little room for error when underage youth attempt to make an illegal purchase.”

Common sense has clearly gone out the window when a clerk can’t distinguish between a senior citizen and a teenager, resulting in an absurd law being enacted to eliminate any risk of confusion.

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