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Happy Meal ‘Ban’ Wagon Arrives in Wisconsin City

Read the tagline. It's not just a city; it's how nanny state bureaucrats like Greg Mertzig think of themselves.

Read the tagline. It's not just a catchy slogan; it's how bureaucrats like Greg Mertzig think of themselves.

A nanny state bureaucrat in Superior, Wisc. is equating the lure of Happy Meal toys to candy cigarettes, claiming both types of novelty items encourage “lethal habits” that need to be controlled “at a very young age.”

“It was a marketing tactic by the tobacco industry to get kids to think it was cool to smoke at a very young age, develop these lethal habits at a very young age,” says City Councilor Greg Mertzig. “To a lesser extent, these toys in their Happy Meals kind of do the same thing. They reward kids and get them to think that it’s the okay thing to do at a very young age.”

Mertzig, an Iraq and Afghanistan war vet, told Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) that he’s firing at will upon fast food restaurants that, he says, are making America’s future soldiers too fat to fight. And, he claims his constituents support his efforts to determine how and what parents feed their own children:

“They don’t meet the physical requirements to join the military so there was an argument that it was actually a national security issue. And so through the dialogue with my constituents we decided and I decided that day that we needed to do something.”

Mertzig’s proposed ordinance would “ban free toys in meals with more than 600 calories, 10% fat and can’t have any trans fat. It could also require fruits or vegetables and whole grain foods,” reports WPR’s Mike Simonson.

The Happy Meal toy ban will be offered to the city council on Dec. 7. If Mertzig musters enough support, it will be voted on by the the council members at a later date.

Superior City Attorney Frog Prell told the local FOX News affiliate that Mertzig’s efforts to mimic San Francisco and Santa Clara County, Calif. will pose “an enforcement problem if this ordinance gets any momentum, for sure.”

Contact Councilman Greg Mertzig and tell him to back down in his war against parents and their right to determine what’s best for their own children to consume:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1065835578
(Click “Send Gregory a Message” below his cute profile picture)

Email: mertzigg@ci.superior.wi.us

Tel: (715) 392-1148

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On the Front Lines

June 24, 2010

big gov't can't hide from the truthNearly 50 Percent of Americans View the Federal Government as a Threat to Individual Rights
Rasmussen Reports; June 24, 2010
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Americans Increasingly Feeling Their Rights Threatened by Big Government
Inverstor’s Business Daily; June 24, 2010
“In short, our government was designed to protect our rights — not to serve as an all-embracing nanny state that slowly, silently strips us of our ability to act as free individuals.”

Day Care Feeding Law Would Threaten North Carolina Parents’ Rights
AP via The Daily Reflector (N.C.); June 24, 2010
“The [state-mandated] nutrition standards would bar serving sugar-sweetened beverages, flavored milk, or more than six ounces of juice.” Parents would have no say in the matter of what their own children eat at day care.

The Absurdity of Net Neutrality
NewsBlaze.com; June 24, 2010
“Network neutrality is a major shift of power from individual consumers to the federal government. Little wonder high-ranking government officials support it.”

USA Today Cheers Proposed Financial Protection Agency
Business & Media Institute; June 24, 2010
“It will set up a nanny state with unintended consequences … You’re punishing the many because of a few stupid people and the costs will just be passed on to consumers.”