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Stealth Carbon Taxes Already Robbing Citizens Blind

Art Horn from the EnergyTribune.com reveals:

Ready to pull the plug yet?

Ready to pull the plug yet?

Depending on what state you live in, you may be paying taxes on your energy bill to help stop global warming. That’s right, you may have been enlisted as a soldier in the war against climate change and you may not even know it! And as a soldier in this war, depending on your state’s policies you have no choice whether to fight or not … I wonder how many millions of people around the country pay their utility bills each month and have no idea what they are funding?

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Electric ‘Obamawagen’ Will Zap Taxpayers

The Chevy Volt, just like Obama's unicorn will be fueled by rainbows and hope!

The Chevy Volt, just like Obama's unicorn will be fueled by rainbows and hope!

Government Motors (GM) started taking customers’ orders this week for the Chevy Volt, a $41,000 electric car that “emerged from the cake at GM’s 100th birthday in 2008, and was instantly dubbed the ‘Barack Obama of automobiles,'” reports Canada’s Financial Post.

New owners of the ‘Obamawagen’ will recieve $7,500 subsidy from the U.S. government for their eco-friendly purchase and those lucky tree huggers in California will get “another couple of thousand bucks” in subsidies from the state and its taxpayers.

“Hope? Massive. Substance? Not so much,” says the Financial Post about the Volt’s promise to change the automotive industry, just like Obama tried to do. “President Obama has said that he wants a million plug-ins on the road by 2015. No way, and a good thing too. When it comes to energy independence, the necessary subsidies would likely do far more damage to the economy than anything petrotyrannies might threaten. And they can still sell their oil to China anyway.”

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Flying Solo: Choose Freedom Over the Nanny State

“The pilot of the Millennium Falcon really loves to fly and he can, too. But if the proprietor of CarbonFootprint.com can help it, Harrison Ford will never fly again. Fortunately, fellow aviator Bill Whittle has a plan so crazy, it just might work,” say the freedom-loving folks at Pajamas Media.

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‘Green’ Author Links Air Conditioning to Global Destruction and Obesity

Needless suffering: It's a 'green' thing

Needless suffering: It's a 'green' thing

The Washington Post on Sunday didn’t let a good crisis go to waste, allowing a ‘green’ author to manipulate the D.C. region’s recent heatwave and scold readers for seeking comfort from the 100-plus-degree heat inside their air conditioned homes. Stan Cox, a “plant breeder” from Kansas, claims that despite serious health risks posed by the scorching heat, they are far outweighed by the potential environmental detriment caused by air conditioners, as well as an increased risk of obesity.

“In a country that’s among the world’s highest greenhouse-gas emitters, air conditioning is one of the worst power-guzzlers,” opined Cox. “A.C.’s obvious public-health benefits during severe heat waves do not justify its lavish use in everyday life for months on end.”

According to Cox, suffering needlessly from heat stroke and heat exhaustion is the price we must all pay in order to be good stewards of the earth. He explained in a July 5 Salon.com article that “a lot of the health problems that we need A.C. to solve, it may have contributed to in the first place.”

Cox says that air conditioning is likely the root cause of asthma and probably complicates symptoms suffered by those with allergies, so he suggests that is even more reason why those suffering from respiratory illnesses should avoid using air conditioners in their homes and parents of small children would be wise to do the same.

“[W]e need to consider the hypotheses that say that the current epidemic of those conditions is partly caused by lack of outdoor exposure to soil and friendly organisms,” Cox said. “Maybe if children were out in the yard making mud pies instead of in a cool, sterile environment all day long, they might have a lot more defense against those problems.”

Further, Cox warned that air conditioning is contributing to the so-called obesity ‘epidemic.’

“[W]e get into a downward spiral with air conditioning, because science shows that our biological tolerance for the heat is eroded if we spend almost all of our time in climate-controlled bubbles,” Cox said. “And it’s suspected of being a factor in weight gain because we tend to eat more when we’re in cool conditions.”

We’re going to love to hear what Cox thinks about those electric cars that will soon hit the roads and suck electricity from the same carbon-belching, coal-burning power plants that keep air conditioners humming all summer long. At least air conditioner use is seasonal — electric cars will be tapping in to the power grid all year long to recharge their batteries for several hours at a shot.

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On the Front Lines

June 30, 2010

British Celebrity Chef Cons U.S. Schools in to Banning Chocolate Milk
OrganicAuthority.com; June 30, 2010
Chef Jamie Oliver has launched an anti-chocolate milk crusade via his U.S. reality TV show that’s already conned D.C. public schools in to banning chocolate milk and it looks like Florida kids could be the next victims of the celebrity chef’s grand social experiment.

State of Disgrace: Calif. Spends 71 Cents To Pay Counties 1 Cent
FOX40.com; June 29, 2010
“It’s your money, and the state of California is wasting it. You may be thinking ‘what’s new?’ but this one defies logic: how can you explain spending 71-cents to send out payments of just one cent?”

Welcome to the Real World: Grim Prospects for Young Adults under Obamacare
Heritage Foundation; June 29, 2010
“[A]ll younger adults will face a job market in which companies are struggling with increased health care costs and are less likely to hire.”

Reality Check: Food Isn’t Tobacco
Center for Consumer Freedom; June 29, 2010
“Given the success of the anti-smoking movement in establishing government control over tobacco, it’s no surprise that trial lawyers and other self-anointed ‘food cops’ consistently cite the movement as the blueprint for their attacks.”

Paying President’s ‘Price On Carbon’
Investor’s Business Daily; June 29, 2010
“Energy Policy: The administration plans to use sleight-of-hand politics to sneak through an economy-killing tax on energy as necessary to save the Earth. Make no mistake: Cap-and-trade is a tax every American will pay in every aspect of his or her life.”

How Cap-and-Trade Revenues Went to Fix State Budgets
Stateline.org via iStockAnalyst.com; June 28, 2010
Carbon credits purchased by utility companies from some cash-strapped Northeastern states are helping bureaucrats to plug budget holes instead of saving the environment.

Pricey New ‘Green’ Cars Rapidly Wilt in Value
Slashdot.com; June 26, 2010
Soon-to-be-released electric cars will barely retain their value compared to their conventional counterparts, but isn’t saving the environment worth the bad investment of what’s left of your hard-earned money after taxes?

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On the Front Lines

June 28, 2010

The Intergalactic Nanny State Is Watching

The Intergalactic Nanny State Is Watching

Welcome to the the Nanny Galaxy: Astronauts Face Sex Ban on International Space Station
National Post (Canada); June 28, 2010
“Astronauts working on the International Space Station seeking to join an even more rare echelon of the Mile High Club must give up on their earthly desires because they face a ban on sex.”

Two States to Commence Ban on “Phosphate-laden” Dish Soaps Thursday
Seattle Post-Intelligencer; June 28, 2010
“Dennis Griesing, vice president of government affairs for the American Cleaning Institute, said low-phosphate formulas available in 2008 did not work as well in hard water, so some shoppers in Spokane, Wash. had been crossing into Idaho to buy dishwasher soap with phosphates.”

Junk Science Defeated as BPA Baby Bottle Ban Fails
ABC30.com (Calif.); June 28, 2010
“The collective data from international scientific bodies has concluded that BPA is safe as used,” said Tim Shestek, senior director of the American Chemistry Council.

Hawaiians Disapprove of Conveniently Timed Ban on Fireworks
HawaiiNewsNow.com; June 28, 2010
“A new poll shows, a majority of Hawaii residents are against a ban on fireworks … This comes after the Governor signed a bill into law last Tuesday, that lets counties put stricter regulations on fireworks than the state.”

Early to Bed… to Cut Carbon Dioxide
Heritage Foundation; June 26, 2010
“For environmentalists to get the carbon dioxide cuts they desire, they need people to dramatically change their behavior.”

Video Game Decisions Best Left to Parents
Northwest Herald (Ill.); June 26, 2010
“To put it in the simplest of terms: keeping adult-oriented materials out of children’s hands is the job of parents and guardians – not Big Brother.”

Eat This, Michelle Obama: Pizzeria Owner Embarks on Long-distance Bike Ride to Raise Pizza Awareness
NY Daily News; June 24, 2010
“In a cheesy stunt, a Florida man is peddling pizza as a health food as he pedals up the East Coast.”

San Francisco Poised to Implement ‘Litterbug’ Tax
San Francisco Examiner; June 22, 2010
Even if it’s not your burger wrapper, you’ll be paying a fine tax.

State Hazes New Drivers with Warning Labels
New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission; May 5, 2010
Teens (or any new driver) in New Jersey must affix decals to their license plates advertising to motorists and police that they are inexperienced drivers.