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Feds’ New Emissions Standards Threaten Already Unstable Economy

Ultimately, the Enviro-Statists would love for farmers and truckers to return to their roots.

Ultimately, the Enviro-Statists would love for farmers and truckers to return to their roots.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today released an extremely vague press release, but one thing was clear: Consumer prices will rise in 2014 due to rigid new emissions standards targeting America’s truckers and farmers.

Beginning in model year 2014, new heavy-duty trucks and tractors must be fitted with environmentally-friendly engines that achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. That means truck and tractor manufacturers will be forced to spend millions in research and design and pass the cost on to their customers who will — you guessed it — pass that cost on to American consumers, unless you believe what Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is saying:

“This is a win-win-win for the environment, businesses and the American consumer.”

Wishful thinking by LaHood, but nowhere in the press release does he spell out the real costs to America’s truckers and farmers who will soon have no choice other than to purchase these federally-mandated eco-friendly big rigs and tractors. LaHood, however, hypothesizes:

With the potential for significant fuel efficiency gains, ranging from seven to 20 percent, drivers and operators could expect to net significant savings over the long-term. For example, it is estimated an operator of a semi truck could pay for the technology upgrades in under a year, and save as much as $74,000 over the truck’s useful life. Vehicles with lower annual miles would typically experience longer payback periods, up to four or five years, but would still reap cost-savings.

Hey, Ray! Enough with the guessing games and speculation! Tell truckers and farmers how much they will actually pay for these new ‘green’ trucks and tractors. You were kind enough to note that they’d likely be going in to the red during at least the first year of ownership, meaning they won’t likely turn profits unless they jack-up their prices for transporting consumer goods and harvesting crops.

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson also fails to look at the bigger picture that could unfold in 2014 and beyond if these new emissions standards make the cost of business for truckers and farmers too much to bear, and ultimately, puts them out of business:

“These new standards are another step in our work to develop a new generation of clean, fuel-efficient American vehicles that will improve our environment and strengthen our economy,” EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said. “In addition to cutting greenhouse gas pollution, greater fuel economy will shrink fuel costs for small businesses that depend on pick ups and heavy duty vehicles, shipping companies and cities and towns with fleets of these vehicles.  Those savings can be invested in new jobs at home, rather than heading overseas and increasing our dependence on foreign oil.”

Again, wishful thinking by another big government bureaucrat for a best case scenario in which truckers and farmers can afford to purchase expensive new trucks and tractors that may or may not ‘pay for themselves’ over the years to follow.

Soviet-style food shopping coming in 2014?

Soviet-style food shopping coming in 2014?

The underlying fact is that American consumers will ultimately pay the price for the new emissions technology LaHood and Jackson are pushing, and right now, in this economy, that’s not a very enlightening scenario. And, if consumers are not willing to or can not afford to foot the bill for increased costs of everyday necessities –including food, toilet paper and oil transported by truckers — well, things are going to get ugly pretty quick.

NOTE: “NHTSA and EPA will jointly hold two public hearings: one in Chicago on November 15, 2010, and one in Boston on November 18, 2010. Sessions may end earlier than scheduled if everyone has had a chance to speak.” Those two dates are your only opportunities to make your voice heard, according to the EPA. Chances are you won’t be able to attend, so make sure your congressman and senators know what’s at stake for consumers, truckers and farmers.

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Obesity Alarmists Want Citizens to Surrender to the State

You've been warned!

You've been warned!

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin includes an enormous list of global warming alarmists’ propaganda efforts that have been promoted by the State-Run Media in his best-selling book, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. Inspired by Levin’s efforts to expose the fear mongers as sensationalist frauds, the Nanny State Liberation Front has compiled its own list of radical claims made by pseudo-journalists who have charged themselves with saving us all from the so-called obesity ‘epidemic.’

Below, we list a slew of recent news articles from across the globe detailing the various illnesses, diseases, ailments and side-effects of obesity that seem to effect every human being with a pulse. Unless you adhere to the lifestyle behavior modifications as prescribed by nanny state bureaucrats and junk scientists that support their radical agendas to control every aspect of your life, you are doomed to a life of obesity-induced misery, as evidenced by the following reports:

Obesity linked to worse memory in older women
The Boston Globe; July 19, 2010

Junk food diet puts children at higher risk of allergies
Telegraph (UK); August 2, 2010

Obesity trend means more people are using canes and walkers
The Los Angeles Times; July 28, 2010

Pediatric hypertension: The pressure’s on [fat] kids, too
New York Daily News; August 12, 2010

Fat employees take more time off work
The Times of India; August 9, 2010

Depression linked to obesity
NDTV.com; August 9, 2010

Obesity may raise the risk of preterm birth
CTV.ca (Canada); July 21, 2010

Obesity is Contagious
HuffingtonPost.com; July 27, 2010

Obesity’ linked’ to womb cancer
The Press Association; July 21, 2010

Obesity Linked To Cancer
WorldBreakingNews.com; August 9, 2010

Is obesity contributing to high c-section rates?
Reuters; August 12, 2010

Obesity linked to lower risk of glaucoma in women (Some good news!)
Reuters; August 12, 2010

Childhood obesity may be behind mystery of ever-earlier puberty in girls
McClatchy Newspapers; August 10, 2010

Too Much Pregnancy Weight Gain Raises Child’s Obesity Risk
WebMD.com; August 4, 2010

Obesity linked to lower sperm count in young men
Montreal Gazette (Canada); August 11, 2010

Death Rate From Obesity Doubles
Ivanhoe Newswire; August 4, 2010

Barbecue blamed for obesity
WeightWorld.com (UK); August 11, 2010

Obesity as Young Adult May Boost Psoriatic Arthritis Risk
U.S. News & World Report; July 19, 2010

Colorectal Cancer and Obesity Linked
EmaxHealth.com; July 26, 2010

Obesity Linked to Poor School Performance
HuffingtonPost.com; July 27, 2010

Omega Imbalance and Obesity Linked
HealthRelatedInfos.com; July 17, 2010

Obesity linked to fat and flat feet
NDTV.com; August 6, 2010

Obesity Linked to Poor Memory in Older Women
WeightLossSurgeryChannel.com; July 23, 2010

Fibromyalgia, Obesity, and Depression Linked
EmaxHealth.com; July 21, 2010

Obesity linked with high triglyceride level
TopNews.in; July 29, 2010

Obese patients struggling with sleep disorders
ABC News (Australia); August 16, 2010

Obesity among US schoolchildren ‘a risk to national security’
Telegraph (UK); April 25, 2010

That’s all we have for now. We’ll be sure to continue adding to this list as we discover new scare tactics being devised by nanny state bureaucrats for dissemination by their lap dogs in the media.

Now that you have just read our list spotlighting obesity alarmists’ efforts to scare Americans in to modifying their lifestyles and behaviors, we find it critical to note that, in his book, Levin warns of “Statists” utilizing the media to manipulate citizens by creating crisis upon crisis to force them in to total submission to governmental authority, ultimately, surrendering themselves to a ‘greater’ power that they have been trained to believe knows what is best for themselves and their families:

With the assistance of pliant or sympathetic media, the Statist uses junk science, misrepresentations, and fear mongering to promote public health and environmental scares, because he realizes that in a true, widespread health emergency, the public expect the government to act aggressively to address the crisis, despite traditional limitations on governmental authority. The more dire the threat, the more liberty people are usually willing to surrender. This scenario is tailor-made for the Statist. The government’s authority becomes part of the societal frame of reference, only to be built upon during the next “crisis.”

Tired of big government bureaucrats trying to tell you that you’re too stupid to make critical decisions with regards to your own lifestyle and behaviors? Join the Nanny State Liberation Front and strike back before they deal the final blow to all of your freedom and liberties!

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