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License Plates for Bicycles Sought by NJ Lawmaker

UPDATE (01/13/11): Big Gov’t Bureaucrat Back Pedals on Bike Bill

"Can I see your license and registration, please?"

"Can I see your license and registration, please?"

A New Jersey democrat is using her political muscle to force citizens across the state to register their bicycles with the Division of Motor Vehicles. The ridiculous maneuver would help the state offset its $10 billion budget deficit by enforcing a $10 per license plate fee and fines up to $100 for those, including children, caught riding unregistered bikes.

Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker (D-Essex) said balancing the state’s budget isn’t her motivation for the outlandish proposal; it’s protecting senior citizens from getting run over by kids on bikes.

Affixing license plates to every bicycle in the state would help these vulnerable senior citizens identify and rattle off the license plate numbers from the kids’ bikes to the police, ensuring the rascals are brought to justice, says Tucker.

Tucker’s proposal has been met with opposition by a diverse group of interests including bicyclists, environmentalists, business owners and even her own colleagues in the State House.

“That’s an outrage, for sure,” said Paige Hiemier, vice-president of the New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition. “Basically, it’s outrageous for a number of reasons, and most of them are: Who is the legislation aimed at? Who’s going to administer it? How are they going to pay for it? Who’s going to stop the bicyclists and check their registration?”

Send Tucker an email reminding her not to make the same mistake twice: AswTucker@njleg.org

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Our Fans Cover Our News

Thanks to Pastor Daryl Lawson and Freedomizer Radio’s Bob Chapman for their coverage of the Nanny State Liberation Front’s June 12 article that was the first to expose President Obama’s Executive Order mandating “lifestyle behavior modification.” If you haven’t read or heard about the article, here it is: Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”

Now, for the insightful and animated coverage of our original article provided by Lawson and Chapman.

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The Great Bay State Snowjob of 2010

The Mass. court system should find itself deluged with frivolous 'slip and fall' lawsuits this winter.

The Mass. court system should find itself deluged with frivolous 'slip and fall' lawsuits this winter.

The activist judges in Massachusetts’ highest court just made it easier for frivolous lawsuits to tie-up the court system when the next snow storm hits. Even if a municipal snow plow covers sidewalks with three feet of snow, property owners of all ages and physical abilities are responsible for making them safe before someone slips, breaks a bone and sues the heck out of ’em.

Trial lawyers and those seeking a way to get rich quick must be hoping for another record winter snowfall since big pay-outs are almost guaranteed to ‘unfortunate’ victims of ‘negligent’ property owners. Note to money hungry accident seekers: find out where elderly folks live and slip on the snow or ice in front of their homes since they’ll be the least likely to be able to comply with the new law’s immediate snow shoveling mandate.

Justice Ralph Gants doesn’t seem to care about the plight of elderly citizens and their inability to shovel snow and break-up ice with the urgency his courts ruling now requires. In the court’s ruling, he wrote that it “is not reasonable for a property owner to leave snow or ice on a walkway where it is reasonable to expect that a hardy New England visitor would choose to risk crossing the snow or ice, rather than turn back or attempt an equally or more perilous walk around it.’’

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Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is fond of saying, “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” Well, the Obama Administration certainly has not let the British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon oil rig crisis go to waste, using it as a smokescreen to silently assault and further diminish American citizens’ personal freedom.

While the nation has its eyes and ears focused on the blame game ping-pong match between President Obama and BP top brass, President Obama on Thursday, June 10, quietly announced a new Executive Order establishing the “National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council.”

You will "change" to my liking!

You will "change" to my liking!

Claiming the “authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America,” President Obama has truly gone off the deep end this time in his most atrocious attempt to date to control every aspect of Americans’ lives.

According to the Executive Order that details the President’s “National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy,” the Council will be charged with carrying out ” lifestyle behavior modification” among American citizens that do not exhibit “healthy behavior.”

The President’s desired lifestyle behavior modifications detailed in Sec. 6 (c) focus on:

  • smoking cessation;
  • proper nutrition;
  • appropriate exercise;
  • mental health;
  • behavioral health;
  • sedentary behavior (see Sec. 3 [c]);
  • substance-use disorder; and
  • domestic violence screenings.

Making matters even worse, if that is even possible at this point, President Obama will create an “Advisory Group” composed of experts hand-picked from the public health field and various other areas of expertise “outside the Federal Government.”

Let’s consider who the President has sought advice and mentoring from in the past:

  • Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who the Anti-Defamation League calls a “Messenger of Intolerance,” and
  • Bill Ayers, leader of the 1960’s domestic terrorist group “Weatherman” that was “responsible for 30 bombings aimed at destroying the defense and security infrastructures of the U.S.”

Now, President Obama is going to seek medical advisors who will be charged with modifying lifestyles and behaviors of those citizens he deems unhealthy? “Paging Dr. Kevorkian! You’re wanted in the White House STAT by President Obama!”

Whether you are a child, a parent, a worker, or retired, the President’s approximately 25-member “Advisory Group” will soon be present in every aspect of Americans’ lives, as the Executive Order prescribes in Sec. 4 (b). Specifically, our new so-called lifestyle behavior modification advisors will be actively carrying out the President’s orders in:

  • worksite health promotion;
  • community services, including community health centers;
  • preventive medicine;
  • health coaching;
  • public health education;
  • geriatrics; and
  • rehabilitation medicine.

President Obama’s sweeping plan to enforce “lifestyle behavior modification” is chock full of open-ended target areas, especially when it comes to issues of “mental” and “behavioral” health, “proper nutrition,” “sedentary behavior,” and “appropriate exercise.” The President’s Executive Order is a blatant and forceful attempt to adjust the way Americans young and old think, behave, eat, drink and whatever else free will used to entitle our nation’s citizens to enjoy as prescribed by the Founding Fathers.

If you are feeling stressed-out, sad, confused, hungry, thirsty, bored, or tired, do you honestly trust President Obama and his “Advisory Group” to act in your best interests?

Do not wait for President Obama’s next assault on your freedom and liberties to take its toll on you and your family! Join the Nanny State Liberation Front today so you can defeat big government before it’s too late.

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Got ID, Granny?

Like This!

Granny got carded!

Granny got carded!

The Indiana State Legislature will soon mandate that any venue selling carryout liquor check patrons’ identification, even if they are senior citizens.

The new law, effective July 1, is intended to completely eliminate the sale of alcohol to minors. Unfortunately, if granny doesn’t have her ID on her when purchasing a bottle of scotch, she’ll be denied with no questions asked.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers, which has supported mandatory carding legislation for years, says the Nanny State law will “leave little room for error when underage youth attempt to make an illegal purchase.”

Common sense has clearly gone out the window when a clerk can’t distinguish between a senior citizen and a teenager, resulting in an absurd law being enacted to eliminate any risk of confusion.

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