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Stealth Carbon Taxes Already Robbing Citizens Blind

Art Horn from the EnergyTribune.com reveals:

Ready to pull the plug yet?

Ready to pull the plug yet?

Depending on what state you live in, you may be paying taxes on your energy bill to help stop global warming. That’s right, you may have been enlisted as a soldier in the war against climate change and you may not even know it! And as a soldier in this war, depending on your state’s policies you have no choice whether to fight or not … I wonder how many millions of people around the country pay their utility bills each month and have no idea what they are funding?

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FOX News Panel Discusses ‘Nanny State Running Wild’

“Critics fear ‘Nanny State’ is killing jobs in America.”

They discuss – you decide. Share your ‘fair and balanced’ thoughts below.

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Bright Lights + Big Government = Dimwits

Only a government light bulb could come with this many warnings.

Only a government light bulb could come with this many warnings.

Beginning in 2012, old-fashioned light bulbs will be phased-out and replaced with those super-expensive “energy-efficient” bulbs. Unfortunately, while the eco-statists in Congress were salivating over compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) that resemble soft-serve ice cream cones, they neglected to consider the harmful effects the soon-to-be-government mandated bulbs pose to the public and environment.

“Critics of CFLs argue that exposure to mercury vapor is dangerous if the bulbs are broken, and others complained about CFL bulbs causing migraines and epilepsy attacks, resulting in medical groups asking for exemptions for those with health problems,” report Kelsey Huber and Nicholas D. Loris for Human Events. “They also point out that CFLs do not work well in colder temperatures nor do they work with dimmer switches.”

These problems and a handful more were not foreseen by Congress when they were being wooed by CFL manufacturers and their lobbyists write Huber and Loris. “That’s why lawmakers shouldn’t be telling people what lights to use in their homes,” they say.

The reason why Congress is banning traditional incandescent light bulbs is “simple” say Huber and Loris citing economist Don Bourdreaux‘s take on the issue:

Any legislation forcing Americans to switch from using one type of bulb to another is inevitably the product of a horrid mix of interest-group politics with reckless symbolism designed to placate an electorate that increasingly believes that the sky is falling.

Based on Boudreaux’s observation, Huber and Loris summize that Congress moved ahead with the ban under the guise of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and that paved the way for CFL manufacturers and their lobbyists to take advantage of another ‘crisis’ so they could “force consumers to use their more expensive products.”

Gone will be jobs for those who once manufactured incandescent bulbs, as well as the companies that haven’t embraced the ‘change’ promised by CFL light bulbs. It is still within Congress’ power to reverse the upcoming ban on traditional light bulbs, and they’d be wise to consider that few consumers purchase the costly CFLs without rebates or other government incentives.

Huber and Loris conclude that it’s up to American citizens to make their voices heard now before they’re left out in the dark:

Demand for cheap incandescents is not going to change because of legislation, so the only option left to environmentalists is to remove the incandescent light bulb from the market altogether and make it impossible for consumers to light their houses inexpensively. CFLs may have a role in the marketplace, but we should let the consumer decide what that role should be.

This is one example of the absurdity of federal regulations and highlights how bureaucrats pointlessly try to change human behavior. The regulatory burden grew tremendously during President George W. Bush’s tenure and is only getting worse under President Obama’s. It is a trend that restricts freedom and choice in the marketplace and costs taxpayers billions of dollars. It is a trend that the government should reverse.

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Flying Solo: Choose Freedom Over the Nanny State

“The pilot of the Millennium Falcon really loves to fly and he can, too. But if the proprietor of CarbonFootprint.com can help it, Harrison Ford will never fly again. Fortunately, fellow aviator Bill Whittle has a plan so crazy, it just might work,” say the freedom-loving folks at Pajamas Media.

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‘Green’ Author Links Air Conditioning to Global Destruction and Obesity

Needless suffering: It's a 'green' thing

Needless suffering: It's a 'green' thing

The Washington Post on Sunday didn’t let a good crisis go to waste, allowing a ‘green’ author to manipulate the D.C. region’s recent heatwave and scold readers for seeking comfort from the 100-plus-degree heat inside their air conditioned homes. Stan Cox, a “plant breeder” from Kansas, claims that despite serious health risks posed by the scorching heat, they are far outweighed by the potential environmental detriment caused by air conditioners, as well as an increased risk of obesity.

“In a country that’s among the world’s highest greenhouse-gas emitters, air conditioning is one of the worst power-guzzlers,” opined Cox. “A.C.’s obvious public-health benefits during severe heat waves do not justify its lavish use in everyday life for months on end.”

According to Cox, suffering needlessly from heat stroke and heat exhaustion is the price we must all pay in order to be good stewards of the earth. He explained in a July 5 Salon.com article that “a lot of the health problems that we need A.C. to solve, it may have contributed to in the first place.”

Cox says that air conditioning is likely the root cause of asthma and probably complicates symptoms suffered by those with allergies, so he suggests that is even more reason why those suffering from respiratory illnesses should avoid using air conditioners in their homes and parents of small children would be wise to do the same.

“[W]e need to consider the hypotheses that say that the current epidemic of those conditions is partly caused by lack of outdoor exposure to soil and friendly organisms,” Cox said. “Maybe if children were out in the yard making mud pies instead of in a cool, sterile environment all day long, they might have a lot more defense against those problems.”

Further, Cox warned that air conditioning is contributing to the so-called obesity ‘epidemic.’

“[W]e get into a downward spiral with air conditioning, because science shows that our biological tolerance for the heat is eroded if we spend almost all of our time in climate-controlled bubbles,” Cox said. “And it’s suspected of being a factor in weight gain because we tend to eat more when we’re in cool conditions.”

We’re going to love to hear what Cox thinks about those electric cars that will soon hit the roads and suck electricity from the same carbon-belching, coal-burning power plants that keep air conditioners humming all summer long. At least air conditioner use is seasonal — electric cars will be tapping in to the power grid all year long to recharge their batteries for several hours at a shot.

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On the Front Lines

June 23, 2010

Vote out the Nannies in November! Democrats Attack the First Amendment with the Disclose Act
Canada Free Press; June 23, 2010
“The intent is to saddle groups likely to oppose Democrat Party candidates and issues with so much paperwork that it in effect silences them and deprives them of their First Amendment rights.”

Big Government at the Grocery Store
Human Events; June 23, 2010
“Under the Democratic-controlled Congress, big government has found another way to reach into your pocket by placing minimum charges on debit cards.”

Expectant Mothers in UK to Receive Smoking Breath Tests
Daily Mail (UK); June 23, 2010
It’s only a matter of time before this bit of nanny state nonsense jumps across the pond.

Fat Taxes Are Bad Policy and Bad Business
Center for Consumer Freedom; June 23, 2010
“Businesses might as well put up a sign that says: ‘We don’t trust customers to use our products responsibly, so we’re making everything more expensive.’”

Unionized School Guards Staff Corners without Children to Cross
LoHud.com (N.Y.); June 22, 2010
“School and union officials say the guards’ contract was not changed to reflect the new hours after the district moved to full day kindergarten last September, and the schedule is expected to stay in place through the end of 2011, when the contract expires.” Your tax dollars ‘hard’ at work.

Officials Wary of D.C. Healthy Food Law’s Implementation
The Washington Times; June 22, 2010
“Supporters call the meal requirements some of the most stringent in the nation, but some parents question whether D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) has the capacity and the money to implement the new requirements in a cost-effective manner by the time schools open in August.”

County Bans Fireworks Just in Time to Spoil 4th of July
Ada County (Idaho); June 22, 2010
County conveniently passes a “temporary” ban on fireworks through October 31, 2010.

Hawaii Governor Challenges Counties to Make Their Fireworks Bans “Tougher” than State Law
KHON2.com (Hawaii); June 22, 2010

Crazy Socialists Think U.S. Can Learn from Cuba’s Energy ‘Policies’
AlterNet; June 18, 2010
The ‘Friends of Fidel’ at AlterNet are giddy with the thought of Arab oil-producing nations leaving the U.S. high and dry just like the former Soviet Union did to Cuba so we can become dependent upon our own Communist dictator to lead us back into a pre-Industrial Era utopia where people grow their own food, bicycles replace cars on the highways, and, of course, there’s a chicken in every pot.