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Senate Erroneously Confirms ‘Food Safety Crisis’ Is Real Despite New CDC Data Proving Otherwise

"Congratulations on one of our final acts of sabotaging democracy and freedom together!"

"Congratulations on one of our final acts of sabotaging democracy and freedom together!"

Here’s something to chew on that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in the State-Run Media’s news buffet: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released “precise” new data last week that “thoroughly refute the misleading claims of alarmists advocating for vastly expanding federal regulation of the food supply.”

The House recently passed its version of the Food Safety bill using exaggerated CDC numbers from 1999 to create the aura of a crisis in Americans’ minds, reports the Heritage Foundation. On Sunday evening, the Senate pushed ahead in turning myths in to reality by agreeing to pass the ‘junk science’ legislation with a voice vote, despite the CDC’s new report released last Wednesday showing significant drops in food-borne illnesses and related deaths.

“The previous figures cited by the CDC originated from estimates compiled in 1999,” Heritage Foundation’ Diane Katz notes. “The new figures, employing data from 2000 to 2008 and better statistical methods, represent ‘the most accurate picture yet’ of food-borne illness, agency officials said.”

Just another instance of big government bureaucrats neglecting to take the time to read anything pertinent to the issue at hand before ‘passing the bill‘ and screwing American citizens with needless reforms for the sake of “change.”

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