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Our Fans Cover Our News

Thanks to Pastor Daryl Lawson and Freedomizer Radio’s Bob Chapman for their coverage of the Nanny State Liberation Front’s June 12 article that was the first to expose President Obama’s Executive Order mandating “lifestyle behavior modification.” If you haven’t read or heard about the article, here it is: Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”

Now, for the insightful and animated coverage of our original article provided by Lawson and Chapman.

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Doc Quacks: Obese Kids’ Lives No Better than Those with Cancer

These kids aren't running for the cure for cancer; they're working hard to overcome a challenge.

These kids aren't running for the cure for cancer; they're working hard to overcome a challenge.

An article measuring the pros and cons of surgically modifying teens’ stomachs with “gastric bands” gave the last word to a physician who argues that the controversial devices can spare overweight children from suffering a fate similar to those with cancer.

Dr. Robert Murray, director of Nationwide Children’s Hospital Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition, claims obese teens are at risk of suffering “heavy psychological problems” without radical intervention that involves implanting “an inflatable silicone band placed around the top portion of the stomach to create a pouch that restricts food intake.” For Murray, this isn’t a last resort approach — it’s a first step in tacking the so-called obesity ‘epidemic.’

“[Obese teens have] been teased out of school, they have social issues, many are depressed, and their quality of life is equal to that of a kid with cancer,” Murray told Reuters. “If you get them at 14 and reverse weight and health problems, they’ve got a shot at a normal life.”

Murray should visit Wellspring weight loss camp at the Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pa., if he wants to see obese kids living life to the fullest and making valiant efforts to overcome their weight challenges. Kids at this camp aren’t looking for quick fixes like gastric bands and other radical surgical procedures — they’re achieving their goals the old-fashioned way — by working hard and doing it themselves and for themselves.

Chris Peterson, a 15-year-old camper, told Pittsburgh’s WTAE, “After the first week, I lost 12 pounds, and I thought, I can do anything.” He and his fellow campers are proof-positive that teens are still young enough to change their lives for the better without the radical intervention of quack doctors and anti-obesity advocates like Murray who’d prefer to cut first, then adjust behaviors later.

The nanny state needs to realize that there are viable alternatives to the ‘magical’ quick fixes they propose for everyday challenges and obstacles that citizens of all ages endure — those alternatives are called self-motivation, dedication, hard work and sticking to a plan until the desired results are achieved and keeping the momentum going from that point forward.

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Florida Misuses Federal Funds to Treat ‘Gulf Kids Syndrome’

"The oil spill has traumatized children and overwhelmed their capacity to cope and articulate their feelings," experts claim.

"The oil spill has traumatized children and overwhelmed their capacity to cope and articulate their feelings," experts claim.

The damage inflicted by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill keeps on growing as it is now claiming young children among its innocent ‘victims.’ Faith-based organizations and bureaucrats are rushing to help limit the psychological damage that the disaster has wreaked on youngsters who are said to be exhibiting “behavioral changes” due to stress and anxiety, but it seems federal funds are being improperly used by Florida officials to pay for a portion of the mental ‘relief’ efforts.

Beginning this week, children in grades K-6 who have shown signs of emotional stress and anxiety due to the oil spill are being invited “Camp Beyond the Horizon” where they will be encouraged to “process their experiences and express emotions such as grief, fear and anger in a safe and supportive environment,” according to a Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) press release.

“The oil spill has traumatized children and overwhelmed their capacity to cope and articulate their feelings,” said Sam Sipes, president and CEO of Lutheran Services. “After a disaster, children may show distress through regressive behaviors – unwanted thoughts, fears, withdrawal, sleep disturbances or physical symptoms, such as headaches or stomachaches. Unresolved emotions make it difficult for some to concentrate and succeed in school.”

Driving the point home, the Tampa Bay Tribune spotlighted two young girls who are battling with emotions due to the what they perceive the disaster’s long-lasting impact on their own families.

“One girl about 5 years old was devastated when she realized she could no longer attend an annual fishing rodeo with her father – a family tradition. She has a new baby brother and was upset that he might never be able to go fishing with his father,” the Tribune reported. “Another girl, about 7 or 8, was worried because her mother had not worked as a waitress at her beachfront restaurant the past three weeks.”

Instead of parents re-affirming to their own children that their lives will go own, the damage will be repaired, their families will survive the challenges ahead, and this is not the first oil spill and it certainly will not be the last, the State of Florida has enlisted child welfare advocates from the DCF to intervene and help clear the residual mess on the home front.

“It is frustrating. We know the need is there,” Janice Thomas, circuit administrator for DCF in the Panhandle told the Tribune. “Any kind of research proves there is a mental health impact with something like this.”

DCF reportedly requested $1.7 million from BP in June to fund the grief camps for kids and has yet to see a dime. A BP spokesperson indicated to the Tribune that the company is considering the request, but had not made any final determinations.

The camps are currently being funded through private donations and monies allocated by the State of Florida received from the federally-funded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, notes the DCF press release. Interestingly, the TANF program is limited in its responsibilities to achieving four specific goals that have nothing to do with providing grief counseling for children in wake of natural or man-caused disasters.

According to a TANF fact sheet detailing the program’s “Goals” that appears on the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services website:


States receive a block grant to design and operate their programs to accomplish the purposes of TANF.

These are:

  • assisting needy families so that children can be cared for in their own homes
  • reducing the dependency of needy parents by promoting job preparation, work and marriage
  • preventing out-of-wedlock pregnancies
  • encouraging the formation and maintenance of two-parent families.

Additionally, TANF’s “Mission” contains no mention of the program providing for the mental health of children in wake of disasters, focusing its efforts solely on assistance that “promotes work, responsibility and self-sufficiency.”


TANF is designed to help needy families achieve self-sufficiency. To carry out its mission, the TANF Bureau: 1) develops legislative, regulatory, and budgetary proposals; 2) presents operational planning objectives and initiatives related to welfare reform to the Director; 3) oversees the progress of approved activities; 4) provides leadership and coordination for welfare reform within ACF; and 5) provides leadership and linkages with other agencies on welfare reform issues, including agencies within DHHS, relevant agencies across the Federal, State, local, and Tribal governments, and non-governmental organizations at the Federal, State, and local levels.

We’re shaking the ‘magic eight ball’ here trying to determine if the State of Florida and its DCF are improperly using federal TANF money to fund the grief camps for kids and it keeps saying, “Signs point to yes.” A 2006 report from the State of Florida detailing its own requirements for residents’ eligibility in the TANF program does not contain any provisions pertaining to children and their mental health needs.

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Left Coast Liberals Create Health Care ‘Crisis’ for Pets

Treating pets like humans is what the radical animal 'rights' crowd does best.

Treating pets like humans is what the radical animal 'rights' crowd does best.

Taking a few pages from the Obama playbook for giving people what they don’t want or need and making them feel like they’ll die without it, a California Democrat is pitching health care reform for pets. Animal ‘rights’ groups supporting the initiative say millions of cats and dogs are running-up billions of dollars in health care bills at veterinarians’ offices nationwide, and only 1 percent of their owners have health insurance.

California pet owners who already have insurance are complaining that their providers are corrupt and need the helping hand of big government to step-in and reform the greedy industry. Can you say, “Crisis!?!?”

Democratic state Assemblyman Dave Jones, who is running for state insurance commissioner in the November election, said some of the same practices being corrected by the recently enacted federal health care overhaul are used by pet insurance companies, including denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Jones has introduced a bill that would make pet insurers post detailed information on their websites so consumers can see exactly what is covered and what is not. They could then compare options, just as if they were buying insurance for themselves in a post-health reform world.

Think this is crazy and doesn’t stand a chance of becoming law? Jones’ bill has already passed the state Assembly and a Senate insurance committee. The only thing preventing this absurdity from becoming a reality is an upcoming hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the world’s most prominent radical animal ‘rights’ group, and the mainstream American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) claim to be working on behalf of pet owners to get the petcare legislation passed. Both groups lobbied for the removal of the provision in the petcare bill that would ban insurers from denying health care to pets with pre-existing conditions, citing concerns that it would drive-up costs for insurers and members.

Coincidentally, the ASPCA sells health care insurance plans for pets, so it stands to benefit from state lawmakers ‘encouraging’ pet owners to purchase petcare plans. And, the organization’s petcare website notes, “The ASPCA also benefits from every plan that’s purchased. That means, you’ll be making a difference in the lives of animals across the country by protecting your pet at home.”

The ASPCA receives “up to 10% of the purchase price” for every petcare plan purchased, so making sure the California petcare bill becomes law will be “making a difference” in its operating budget, too.

It comes as no surprise that big government bureaucrats in bankrupt California are applying their time and resources to fixing a problem that has little impact on the overall economic recovery of the state and its taxpaying citizens. The state’s current unemployment rate is at 12.3 percent, yet state and local lawmakers continue prefer to consume their efforts with issues that have no potential to put citizens back to work.

Banning toys in Happy Meals, promoting an “official” pot brownie recipe, prohibiting citizens from buying pets, a plastic bag ban, a soda tax, and restrictions on soft drink sales are just a few of the recent efforts made by California lawmakers that have absolutely no potential to help the state and its unemployed citizens recover from economic devastation.

It’s time to stop watching from the sidelines and start fighting big government on the front lines. Join the revolution today! The Nanny State Liberation Front wants you!

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On the Front Lines

July 13, 2010

I will be good

The Nanny State says you've been a bad boy!

No Cigarettes at Oktoberfest: Bavaria Bans Smoking
TIME.com; July 13, 2010
“Visitors to Munich’s world-famous Oktoberfest beer festival will soon be in for a nasty surprise if they decide to spark up a smoke to go with that ale — starting next year, they could face a hefty fine.

Va. Gov Reverses Bottled-Water Ban
AP via The Washington Post; July 13, 2010
“[Republican] Gov. Bob McDonnell has reversed his predecessor’s ban on state agencies’ and institutions’ purchase of individual-sized plastic water bottles.” Good things happen when voters recycle nanny state leaders like former Democrat Gov. Tim Kaine.

Green Fringe Fails to Exploit Oil Spill Crisis for Political, Financial Gain
The Washington Post; July 13, 2010
“For environmentalists, the BP oil spill may be disproving the maxim that great tragedies produce great change. Traditionally, American environmentalism wins its biggest victories after some important piece of American environment is poisoned, exterminated or set on fire … But this year, the worst oil spill in U.S. history — and, before that, the worst coal-mining disaster in 40 years — haven’t put the same kind of drive into the debate over climate change and fossil-fuel energy.” Boo-hoo!

San Francisco: Taking the Nanny-State Mentality to New Heights
Miami Herald; July 13, 2010
“Probably because they live in the most beautiful city in the world, San Franciscans are mostly oblivious to the idiocies and scandals of their city government.”

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Also Ban Kids From Riding Terminator 2 Theme Park Ride?
TechDirt.com; July 13, 2010
“In preparing an amicus brief for the Supreme Court, Adam Thierer points out that it seems odd that Schwarzenegger is trying to ban kids from buying violent video games, but seems to have no problem whatsoever with kids riding violent theme park rides, including one based on his own movie, Terminator 2. As Thierer notes, the T2 ride is a hell of a lot more violent and intense than any video game.”

Michelle Obama: “Dessert Is Not a Right!”
Politico; July 12, 2010
The First Lady claims she strictly regulates the desserts her kids eat, but it seems she can’t get a grip on her husband’s cravings, including cigarettes.

Mandatory Training for Gun Owners: Constitutional? Useful?
Pajamas Media; July 11, 2010
“A solution in need of a problem: mandatory training is of questionable legality, and gun misuse is not generally due to a lack of skill or knowledge.”

Too Many Nanny State Recalls Frustrate and Confuse Consumers
The Washington Post; July 2, 2010
“Government regulators, retailers, manufacturers and consumer experts are concerned that recall notices have become so frequent across a range of goods — foods, consumer products, cars — that the public is suffering from ‘recall fatigue.'” When will big government realize that placing Americans inside protective bubbles is the only way to keep them safe from anything and everything that poses a risk to their safety, health and well-being?

Maybe Safety Shouldn’t Always Be First (At Any Age)
Free-Range Kids (blog); July 1, 2010
“I love safety and do not court danger. Hooray for car seats and helmets. But when safety crowds out every other consideration, including beauty, joy, fun, growth, experience — and cookies — something is wrong.”

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On the Front Lines

June 29, 2010

Fannie-Freddie Bailout Could Cost Taxpayers $1 Trillion
June 29, 2010; CNBC.com
“Some of us who don’t even own homes are paying to support others and their home ownership, and they ask ‘why,’” said Robert J. Shiller, a Yale University economics professor and co-creator of the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices.”

This Independence Day, the State Will Protect You from You
The McDowell News (N.C.); June 29, 2010
“We have fallen from throwing off the yoke of oppressive government and ‘the shot heard ’round the world’ to living under threat of prosecution by multiple layers of omnipotent, omniscient nanny-state government. If the Revolutionary soldiers and militiamen could see us, they’d hang it up. ‘I ain’t risking my life and limb for those bloated slobs.'”

Long Island Town Bans Pit Bulls, Rottweilers
WCBSTV.com (N.Y.); June 29, 2010
“‘The reason we passed this law was to protect the safety of our residents, many of whom have felt threatened from dogs of this breed and asked us to do something about them,’ Rockville Center Mayor Mary Brossart said.” Some people are afraid of flying, but you don’t see anyone calling for planes to be grounded and airports closed (yet).

Some North Carolina Schools May Consider Banning Soda, Pizza and Candy
Digtriad.com (N.C.); June 29, 2010
Students would be banned from buying soda which funds schools’ athletics and arts programs while PTAs would be barred from candy and pizza fundraisers.

Taxing Fast Food Fails to Solve Obesity ‘Epidemic’
DailyIllini.com; June 29, 2010
“I’m sure it takes a lot of time and resources to put these ‘sin taxes’ into effect, which makes me wonder what would happen if those resources were directed towards finding solutions that gave families healthy and inexpensive options that they could replace fast-food with.”

Study Finds Childhood Obesity May Be Declining
Philadelphia Inquirer; June 28, 2010
What’s a First Lady to do when the kids prove they don’t need her telling them what to eat and drink?

NYC Mayor Doesn’t Think Dads Know How to Raise Their Kids


FOX News contributor Bill Schulz has a beef with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ever-increasing attempts to tell Big Apple residents how to run their own lives.

“Not content with telling people how to eat, drink or smoke, New York’s ‘Nanny-in-Chief’ is now showing men how to parent in the form of a ‘Daddy Czar'” Schulz said. “Memo to Mike: I don’t need some bureaucrat telling me how to be a good father.”