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REST OF THE STORY: Anti-Happy Meal ‘Mom’ Is Also a Big Gov’t Bureaucrat

Money Parham is a proud foot soldier in the lunatic fringe's crusade to prohibit parents from determining what's best for their kids to eat. Send her an email: monet.parham-lee@cdph.ca.gov

Monet Parham is a proud foot soldier in big government's crusade to prohibit parents from determining what's best for their kids to eat. Send her an email: monet.parham-lee@cdph.ca.gov

While countless media outlets continue to herald a ‘mother of two children’ who jointly filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s intended to force a nationwide ban on Happy Meal toys, one big fact is ominously missing from most, if not all, news stories: Monet Parham is also an overzealous food cop employed by the California Department of Public Health.

Overlawyered.com’s Walter Olsen writes in the NY Daily News that Parham is anything buy a “random (if oddly well-informed) California mom,” as reporters interviewing her insist. He and fellow blogger Ira Stoll reveal that Parham “works on a federally funded program that campaigns to exhort people to eat their vegetables and that sort of thing.”

Stoll notes that in wake of her participation in the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s lawsuit against McDonald’s, Parham’s name “has been scrubbed from the website of Champions for Change, the Network for a Healthy California.” Despite attempts to preserve her identity as just ‘some ordinary mom,’ Parham’s participation in so-called ‘health eating’ conferences is still in plain sight (be quick before that disappears, too).

“She presents herself as an ordinary mother. She is not,” Olsen says. “She is an advocate, and an employee of a California agency tasked with advocating the eating of vegetables. To the extent that Monet Parham-Lee has EVER taken her daughter to a McDonald’s, she should have known better.”

Here’s a look at how the major media outlets are describing Parham. Some reporters have clearly and cleverly been duped by Parham while other ‘journalists’ are complicit in portraying her as an innocent mom whose two young children have been victimized by a greedy corporate food giant and its mind-controlling two-cent trinkets:

  • California mom Monet Parham” — San Francisco Chronicle
  • A California mother” — Washington Post
  • [P]arent Monet Parham” — CNN
  • Monet Parham, a 41-year-old mother of two” — TIME
  • Co-plaintiff Monet Parham, a Sacramento, Calif., mother of two” — Chicago Tribune [via Salt Lake Tribune]
  • A California mother of two” — NPR
  • [A] Sacramento mother of two” — Los Angeles Times
  • A Sacramento mother” — Wall Street Journal
  • Monet Parham, a mother of two” — UPI
  • [S]ome poor patsy of a mother” — NY Post (Nice try, but you still got duped!)
  • Got some words of advice for Monet Parham? Send her an email: monet.parham-lee@cdph.ca.gov

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