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Taxpayers Choking on Big Govt’s “Whoppers with Sleaze”

Overlawyered.com’s Walter Olsen hits another one out of the ballpark today with his commentary in The Washington Times spotlighting the “growing aggressiveness of ‘public health’ officialdom in pushing scare campaigns about everyday consumption risks:”

The Puritans held that reminders of mortality had an edifying effect on the living, which is why they sometimes would illustrate even literature for young children with drawings of death’s-heads and skeletons. Something of the same spirit seems to animate our ever-advancing movement for mandatory public health. The Food and Drug Administration has just floated the idea of requiring cigarette packs to carry rotating pictures that would include corpses – yes, actual corpses – as well as close-ups of grotesque medical disorders that can afflict smokers.

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s superactivist Health Department has begun public ad campaigns about the health risks of everyday foods, including a controversial YouTube video portraying soda drinkers as pouring globs of shimmery yellow fat into their open mouths and – just out – an ad showing an innocent-looking can of chicken-with-rice soup as bursting with dangerous salt. Whether or not you live in New York, you’re likely to be seeing more of this sort of thing because the mayor’s crew tends to set the pace for activist public-health efforts nationwide; the Obama administration, for example, picked Bloomberg lieutenant Thomas R. Frieden to head the influential Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why should government use our own tax dollars to propagandize and hector us about the risks of salted snacks, chocolate milk or the other temptations of today’s supermarket aisle? The Bloomberg-Obama camp seems to feel that government dietary advice is superior to other sources of information we might draw on because (1) it’s more objective, independent and pure of motive and (2) it can draw on better science …

Read the rest of Olsen’s commentary and share your comments on his blog.

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NSLF’s Top 10 Least Wanted State and Local Bureaucrats

Editor’s Note: Candidates appear in no particular order.

Does trampling on citizens' rights and liberties count as "torture," Eric?

Does trampling on citizens' rights and liberties count as "torture," Eric?

1. Eric Mar | San Francisco Supervisor (D)* – Leading the city’s now infamous assault on children’s beloved Happy Meal toys, incumbent Supervisor Mar has also been busy in recent months trying to regulate citizen’s intake of soft drinks. “I’m proud that we protect the public’s health,” Mar says, even if he uses shoddy data to force his radical anti-choice agenda down the throats of citizens both young and old. When Mar’s not telling citizens what they can’t eat and drink, he can be seen pressuring pet stores to quit selling dogs and cats. *Mar’s not running for office right now, but it looks like he has his eyes on becoming the city’s next mayor. Don’t forget about him. And, trust us, we won’t let you.

Proud to be a jackass legislating in her own special interests.

Proud to be a jackass legislating in her own special interests.

2. Rep. Eileen Cody | Wash. State House (D-Seattle) – Washington State’s longest serving legislator is also its most predictable anti-tobacco foe, stopping at nothing to ensure smokers quit offending her. Earlier this year, Cody sponsored HB 2493 in a last ditch effort to tax cigarettes in to oblivion. “I really don’t care,” Cody said, about the potential for the state to actually lose tobacco sin tax revenue because cigarettes would no longer be affordable for most Washingtonians to purchase; her top priority, she proudly proclaims, is to “force people to quit smoking.”

Don't be fooled by Martin's 'family friendly' marketing schtick.

Don't be fooled by Martin's 'family friendly' marketing schtick.

3. Grier Martin | N.C. House (D-34) — Earlier this year, Martin was influential in passing a statewide ban on chocolate milk and juice products at child care facilities. Ironically, he says parents “can cram [their kids] with ice cream, sweets, 50-percent-fat milk, anything they want” after they get home from day care, perhaps as a symbol of goodwill between the nanny state and parents. Here’s our warning to concerned voters: Don’t accept candy from strangers and don’t think for a moment that Martin isn’t interested in ultimately controlling every aspect of your children’s lives from the cradle to the grave.

No tax is too sweeping or absurd for Basnight and Hackney.

No tax is too sweeping or absurd for Basnight and Hackney.

4 & 5. Marc Basnight | N.C. Senate (D) and Joe Hackney Speaker | N.C. House of Representatives (D)These two big government bureaucrats colluded in 2008 to propose a revenue-generating scheme that would monetarily penalize motorists for driving too much. Family vacations and weekend getaways, if vehicles’ owners were already over the limit, would warrant a “Vehicle Miles Traveled” tax to compensate the state for needlessly clogging roadways.

"Please tell Michelle I love her recipe for controlling citizens' diets."

"Please tell Michelle I love her recipe for controlling citizens' diets."

6. Dean Florez | Calif. Senate Majority Leader (D) – Florez has a knack for citing alarming nationwide statistics to boost the credibility of his statewide anti-soda crusade. Perhaps, that’s because he is a puppet of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA), who Florez even admits are the soda tax bill’s “sponsors.” While the CCPHA describes itself as a “nonpartisan” public health organization, its Board of Directors includes The Huffington Post’s Joel Epstein, a partisan journalist who makes no efforts to inform readers of his affiliation with the organization he advises in its ongoing war against consumers and the beverage industry. One thing is certain: Neither Florez nor his CCPHA cronies trust citizens to make the ‘right’ choices when it comes to the food and beverages they consume.

'Reality' is a lost concept in Hieftje's big head.

'Reality' is a lost concept in Hieftje's big head.

7. John Hieftje | Mayor, Ann Arbor, Mich. (D) – DailyKos.com, the virtual mouthpiece of the radical Left, calls Ann Arbor “one of the most liberal cities in the U.S.” And, by their account, “Mayor John Hieftje is doing a good job,” so that should be reason enough to include him on our “Least Wanted” list. According to his campaign website, Hieftje boasts, “I led City Council in setting the policy for the complete re-organization of the City bureaucracy, now saving taxpayers over $15 million per year.” As A2Politico.com’s Margaret Wong points out, Hieftje reduced staff, but wages increased. “We’re paying more for less,” Wong reveals. “We’re getting less for more.”

Squeaky clean good looks can be deceiving.

Squeaky clean good looks can be deceiving.

8. Greg Fischer | Mayoral Candidate, Louisville, Ky. (D) – When Greg Fischer announced in late September that he would make his administration “the most open, honest and transparent in the nation,” he probably wasn’t expecting anyone to take him to task on that promise before he got elected. A few short weeks later, citizen watchdogs and even the local media were raising concerns about an emerging ‘pay-to-play’ scandal in which Fischer allegedly offered “a position of influence in city government” in exchange for the endorsement of a third party opponent who quit the race.

Vince wants big government to raise D.C.'s kids until they're completely dependent adults.

Vince wants big government to raise D.C.'s kids until they're completely dependent adults.

9. Vince Gray | Mayoral Candidate, Washington, D.C. (D)According to Gray’s campaign website, “We need a mayor who will focus on the entire birth-to-24 education process.” If you think that sounds like another big government cradle-to-the-grave entitlement program, you’re right! Gray’s education plan includes all of the trendy code words you’ve come to expect from “community organizers” like President Obama and ‘progressive’ leaders like House Speaker Pelosi who think they can solve all of our problems, even if we don’t want their help! Want a “community buy-in” with “community as a part of the solution” to your child’s educational pursuits? How about making learning “sustainable?” Let’s not forget that everyone’s going to be “valued and empowered!” And, top it all off with some “accountability” and Gray claims there’ll be no more “bureaucracy” in D.C. Public Schools. But first, you must elect Gray so you can see what’s really in his education plan.

Mahan is a 'go along to get along' big government bureaucrat who can't be trusted to legislate in the people's best interests.

Mahan is a 'go along to get along' big government bureaucrat who can't be trusted to legislate in the people's best interests.

10. Patricia Mahan | Mayor, City of Santa Clara, Calif. (D) – Mayor Mahan has remained silent on Santa Clara County’s recently enacted ordinance banning toys in children’s Happy Meals, but the fact remains that parents residing in her city remain affected by the county’s nanny state crackdown on their freedom to determine what their children consume. According to the City of Santa Clara’s website, “Santa Clara is a family oriented and business friendly city, with an award-winning ethics program and a commitment to fostering public trust.” If Mahan won’t stick-up for families and businesses that are being treated unfairly in her city, then she must support nanny state bureaucrats like Supervisor Ken Yeager who feel entitled to dictate how and what parents feed their own children.

Don’t see a candidate listed? Spotlight the offender of freedom and liberty on our Facebook page’s Wall or Twitter page.

View NSLF’s additional “Top 10 Least Wanted” lists:

1. U.S. Senate (Oct. 27)
2. Governor (Oct. 28)
3. U.S. House (Oct. 29)

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White House Anti-Obsesity Campaign Promotes Anti-Capitalist Agenda to Kids

First Nanny Michelle Obama wanted to create an “infographic” to illustrate how the so-called obesity ‘epidemic’ is striking-down American children, so she sponsored a contest in June through her “Let’s Move” crusade. The results are in, and one lucky youngster took the grand prize by citing information created by individuals and organizations that are more concerned about defeating capitalism than curbing obesity.

First, let’s take a look at the requirements for contestants in the anti-obesity propaganda creation contest:

The idea is to create an infographic that shows the current state of children’s health, and that illustrates some avenue to combat the epidemic, including: getting children a healthy start on life; empowering parents and caregivers; providing healthy food in schools; improving access to healthy, affordable food; and getting children more physically active.

Now, take a few moments to examine the submission that won Jenn Cash “Best Overall Infographic” design:

Click to view full-size.

Click to view full-size.

According to Good.is, the website partnering with the “Let’s Move” campaign in sponsoring the contest, “Cash’s time line showing the rise of childhood obesity compared to the growing amount of food we eat and TV we watch is a sobering reminder of what we need to do to make our children healthier. It’s incredibly well-sourced and well-illustrated and takes home our top prize.”

The Nanny State Liberation Front was curious to explore the links to sources displayed below Cash’s artwork to see just how “incredibly well-sourced” she is, and, if anything, we learned that she’s an incredibly creative young lady.

Cash cites 20 informational sources for the data depicted on her graph, including, of course, the “Let’s Move” website, as well as university studies and federal health reports. At least that information can be passed-off to the masses as coming from reputable sources with an ounce of credibility.

However, Cash also includes much less reputable and highly questionable sources that, upon closer inspection, reveal agendas that are remotely linked to curbing obesity and more aligned with promoting lifestyle behavior modification, as well as the anti-capitalist and anti-corporate agendas of individuals and organizations (something that Cash probably didn’t bother investigating or intentionally disregarded):

KillerCoke.org – A front group for union labor organizations and ‘progressive’ domestic and international organizations with anti-capitalist and anti-corporate agendas.

Wikipedia.org – That bastion of ‘truth’ and ‘knowledge’ where everything is factual until someone tries to disprove or discredit it — if allowed by the administrators who, of course, are unbiased and non-partisan. Cash relies heavily on the ‘truth tellers’ writing freely here for her artistic inspiration.

Michael Pollan – A darling of the State-Run Media and anti-obesity crusade, Pollan is a food writer and journalism professor at the University of California at Berkeley. He begins his book, In Defense of Food, by instructing readers, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Pollan’s critics warn unassuming readers of his agenda-driven rants, “He typically counsels readers to make their food decisions based on politics—not on what their bodies need.”

Becky Robbins – A self-described mother of two young children who likes to write in her free time. She is also “a customer service and sales representative,” but feels qualified to lecture readers about what she defines as healthy eating in her home and your own.

James Rada, Jr. – He likes to write “historical novels” that have nothing to do with health or obesity-related issues, but he did submit an article to eHow.com about the evils of high fructose corn syrup produced by ‘Big Corn’ and peddled by corporate food processors, so that must make him a nutrition expert, food scientist and economist.

Tracy Fernandez Rysavy – She’s a crunchy granola-eating, tree-hugging eco-activist and editor of Co-op America, “a national nonprofit helping people use their economic power for a more socially just and environmentally sustainable society.” She also has a vendetta against the Coca-Cola Company, calling its capitalist global operation a “sinister” cancer-causing menace to society.

Eric Schlosser – Author of the bestseller Fast Food Nation, he “was smart enough to know that a study of the intricacies of the ‘fast food’ industry would not appeal to most book-buyers. So instead of presenting an objective investigation of this major industry, or giving a fair shake to companies like McDonald’s (which offers one in 15 Americans entrée into the workforce), Schlosser used ‘fast food’ as the basis for a rhetorical assault on capitalism.” (Source: ConsumerFreedom.com)

Guadalupe Ayala, PhD – If you want to find cancer-causing agents in food sources, she’s your goto girl. She’s also working with the Cancer Center at the University of California at San Diego to “promote home and environmental change to prevent childhood obesity.” Knock-knock! Guadalupe doesn’t think your home is fit to raise your child.

30 Project – Another anti-capitalist, anti-corporate organization that has an axe to grind with the food and beverage industry, but this one wants to put us in a time machine and return to a magical time when people foraged for nuts and berries in the forest as opposed to shopping in grocery stores for “cheap processed foods.”

Cash’s research for her award-winning anti-obesity propaganda poster impressed likeminded judges, but the greatest impression could be that made on school children across America who will undoubtedly find her artwork hanging in their classrooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums.

Do you support government-sponsored propaganda being promoted among children with the ultimate goal of adjusting their lifestyles and behaviors to fit the molds that nanny state bureaucrats and special interest groups promote as serving their best interests?

Join the Nanny State Liberation Front and its 20,000 supporters on Facebook if you’re ready to put an end to big government interference in American citizens’ lives from the cradle to the grave.

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PETA Exploits Egg ‘Crisis’ to Call for Ban in Iowa Schools

"Eat this, PETA!"

"Eat this, PETA!"

Sensationalizing the so-called egg ‘crisis’ that has caused less than a half of one percent of Americans to experience temporary bouts of indigestion and diarrhea, radical animal ‘rights’ group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is urging Iowa’s governor to permanently ban eggs from public school cafeterias.

As can be expected from PETA, the salmonella issue at hand is not what has prompted the organization to whore itself in the media yet again — it’s just a vehicle to promote PETA’s anti-meat, pro-vegan agenda. The public’s health is of not what concerns PETA as much as saving chickens and their eggs from being served as food.

“In addition to being one of the leading causes of food poisoning, eggs are cholesterol bombs, increasing the risk of suffering from clogged arteries and heart disease later in life,” states PETA’s letter to Iowa Gov. Chet Culver (D). “In addition, children like animals and despise cruelty. They would be upset to learn that hens used for their eggs are among the most abused animals on Earth.”

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman penned the letter to Culver citing that she is a “mother herself” and that’s part of the reason why she’s concerned about making sure school children do not contract salmonella from eggs in cafeterias. If protecting school kids was truly her motivation then, perhaps, this ‘Mother of the Year’ candidate would have made the plea to all of the nation’s governors as opposed to targeting the one in the state where salmonella outbreak is assumed to have arisen.

“Schools have a duty to protect our kids,” Reiman says. “By tossing eggs out of the diets of Iowa schoolchildren, Governor Culver can reduce their risk of illness while also teaching them an important lesson about being kind to animals.”

Speaking of “being kind” to living creatures, PETA should consider that approach with regards to how it respects corporations’ right to free enterprise within our democratic nation. The organization has gone on the record wishing death and destruction to agricultural industries, restaurants, and scientific laboratories because their animals are their business to slaughter, cook, serve, and dissect.

PETA has a 'death wish' for businesses and science labs that don't adhere to the organization's radical animal 'rights' agenda. Learn the truth about PETA at petakillsanimals.com.

PETA has a 'death wish' for businesses and science labs that don't adhere to the organization's radical animal 'rights' agenda. Learn the truth about PETA at petakillsanimals.com.

The Center for Consumer Freedom cites PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich on July 3, 2001 stating in an audio recording, “It would be great if all the fast-food outlets, slaughter houses, these laboratories and the banks who fund them exploded tomorrow.”

PETA is not interested in saving human lives, much less protecting the public health from a bad case of the runs caused by some ‘rotten’ eggs. Their agenda and rhetoric are clear, reports a profile of the organization on ActivistCash.com:

PETA seeks “total animal liberation,” according to its president and co-founder, Ingrid Newkirk. That means no meat or dairy, of course; but it also means no aquariums, no circuses, no hunting or fishing, no fur or leather, and no medical research using animals. PETA is even opposed to the use of seeing-eye dogs.

Contact Gov. Chet Culver and tell him to stand firm against publicity attempts by PETA to propagandize the so-called egg ‘crisis’ so they can advance their anti-meat agenda in his state. Countless poultry farmers in Iowa that provide schools with eggs to make everything from omelets to brownies are cannot afford for Culver to cave to this radical special interest group.

Or you can contact Gov. Culver the old-fashioned way:
Office of the Governor
State Capitol | 1007 East Grand Ave. | Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Phone: 515.281.5211

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Poll Shows Media’s Efforts to Propagandize Obesity ‘Epidemic’ Proving Successful

The State-Run Media has proven itself effective in fear mongering on behalf of the First Lady.

The State-Run Media has proven itself effective in fear mongering on behalf of the First Lady.

The State-Run Media can pat itself on the back for a job well-done! A new poll shows that nearly 40 percent of Americans fear obesity is the greatest threat to tiny tots and teenagers, and it is only getting worse.

According to the pollsters at the University of Michigan Health System, fear among American adults that their children will be struck-down by the so-called obesity ‘epidemic’ runs counter to recent trends that show obesity rates beginning to level off. Perhaps, that is because the media continues to pummel parents with propaganda citing obesity’s wrath on Americans’ health while neglecting to mention any success stories in the ‘battle of the bulge.’

“[I]ncreasing concern among adults may relate less to the prevalence of obesity and more to perceived risks of obesity-related health problems for kids,” the pollsters note. Check-out NSLF’s recent report showing how the global media has linked obesity to countless ailments and illnesses, and you’ll see why adults’ perceptions are so skewed.

“The results of this latest annual Poll on the biggest health problems for children suggest that public efforts to address childhood obesity (from Michelle Obama‟s initiatives to local community programs) should be well received,” pollsters conclude.

There you have it, folks — a national poll that shows just how effective the State-Run Media has been in its efforts to manipulate the masses in to subscribing to the First Lady’s anti-obesity crusade to save Americans of all ages from the greatest threat of all — themselves.

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Diversity ‘Exercises’ Replace Competitive Games in Gym Class

This clown is juggling scarves. Guess what? This passes as "exercise" in gym class these days!

This clown is juggling scarves. Guess what? This passes as "exercise" in gym class these days!

Team sports will no longer be encouraged in the District of Columbia’s public schools during gym class as “competition” has been deemed an obstacle to children struggling with the reality that none of them have been created equal in size, skill or ability. Instead of playing competitive games like soccer, basketball and baseball, kids will stand alone jumping rope, gyrating with hula hoops, dancing, juggling scarves and, most importantly, learning how to embrace diversity.

“The trend is to move away from competitiveness,” says Donald Hawkins who teaches students as young as 3- and 4-years-old at Browne Education Campus in Northeast DC. “We are focusing on the skills, not so much as the games. The winners of the games are not important,” he told The Washington Post.

Providing the encouragement for schools across the nation to eliminate team sports and competition from gym class is the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) that awards “millions of dollars” in federal grant money to schools and “community-based organizations” seeking to change the way kids play together. Hawkins’ anti-competition curriculum arrives courtesy of $1.5 million in grant money that has been awarded to the D.C. public school system over the next three years.

Recipients of PEP grants like the DC public school system are adopting a series of suggested gym class curriculum for schools to incorporate in physical education lessons through the SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) program. Children in grades K-8 are subjected to various activities that promote “active situations for social interaction and personal meaning” under SPARK’s physical education guidelines.

Included in the “SPARK K-2 PE Curriculum” are instructions for gym teachers to engage kids in activities that promote and establish:

  • “good feelings;”
  • “Specific lessons that address respect for individual differences within and outside of physical education as well as the importance of engaging with individuals with disabilities and/or special health care needs;”
  • “Specific lessons that address the role of physical activity throughout history (e.g., the role physical activity and games played in different cultures);”
  • “Specific lessons that allow students to express their feelings toward physical activity;” and
  • “Protocols for assessing personal and social respect regarding individual differences within and outside of physical education;”

The “SPARK 3-6 PE Curriculum” adds:

  • “Specific lessons about teaching students ways to engage students with disabilities and respect peers from different cultural backgrounds;”
  • “Specific lessons about the role of physical activity in dance and artistic movement throughout history and in different cultures,” noting, “The SPARK Dance unit includes cultural dances. Several Dances in this unit include Social Studies Academic Integrations such as Geographical History, Culture, and American History;”
  • “Specific lessons that teach students the differences between personal challenges and competition and provide the opportunity for students to choose at least one personally challenging physical activity to attempt;”
  • “Protocols for assessing students’ knowledge about physical activity opportunities outside of physical education class, such as asking students to create a written report about physical activity options in the community or after school;”
  • “Protocols for assessing students’ ability to conduct self-assessment and initiate self-improvement for physical activity and fitness, such as having students complete a fitness test (e.g., Fitnessgram), identify strengths and weaknesses, and discuss ways to improve their fitness;”
  • “Protocols for analyzing students’ personal and social respect regarding individual differences within physical education, such as observing students’ social behavior during class;” and
  • “Protocols that ask students to identify and explain the importance of self expression through movement, such as asking students to explain certain types of physical activity that are artistic in nature.”
Politically correct crayons should help kids flex their diversity muscles in the class formerly known as "Physical Education."

Politically correct crayons should help kids flex their diversity muscles in the class formerly known as "Physical Education."

The “SPARK Middle School PE Curriculum” incorporates all of the above activities and protocols while adding diversity ‘exercises’ to the mix with its “World Games Unit” that is designed to help kids “reflect the perspectives, diversity, and needs among students, families, and the community.”

Specifically, the World Games Unit encourages gym teachers to promote:

Learning games and traditions from other cultures can be an enlightening experience with the potential to foster respect and other socially responsible behaviors that can last a lifetime. Many modern countries are multicultural in composition, with a blend of various traditions and values all within the able for students to recognize and respect diverse aspects of their communities so that all of its citizens are able to contribute in a meaningful way. Therefore, Multicultural Education teaches students about the diversity found in the local and national community.

Likewise, Global Education teaches students about the diversity found at an international level. Students benefit by experiencing global diversity in a physical activity setting in order to foster respect for traditions and cultures that they may not otherwise discover around them. This unit can be used asa blend of both Multicultural and Global Education and is aligned with NASPE and state content and performance standards. Students may already know and love some of the games and activities found in this unit. They may be experiencing others for the first time. Encourage students to explore their own communities for more multicultural ideas and challenge them to search the globe for games that keep the world healthy and active.

“This is Hawkins’s health and physical education class, but it’s not the PE that these preschoolers’ parents probably remember,” The Washington Post notes. “The days of students fretting over being the last one picked during volleyball or the first one tagged in dodge ball are fading in many D.C. area schools as physical education classes, such as this one, focus more on individual fitness, personal growth and development.”

Playing alone, subjecting kids to humiliating fat-measuring tests, encouraging “good feelings,” dancing to global beats, exploring the artistic nature and historic value of play, and embracing diversity for the sake of diversity — that is the future of physical education in public schools across America. Rejecting competition as an unnecessary evil and extolling the virtues of socialism will guarantee a level playing field in every aspect of children’s lives, or so the proponents of the SPARK program insist.

Gone are the days of encouraging kids to practice, work hard, excel and achieve goals as individuals and teammates. Children as young as 3-years-old are now being taught that victory is for losers, and losing is the result of unfair bullying by kids who take competition too seriously.

If you’re tired of big government bureaucrats manipulating the education system to promote their socialist agenda among impressionable young minds, join the Nanny State Liberation Front as we launch a revolution to protect and promote freedom and American exceptionalism as our nation’s Founding Father’s intended.

Anti-Hunting Groups Want Sportsmen to Use Safer Bullets and Fish Hooks

Perhaps the EPA will call this concerned citizen as an expert witness to support the anti-hunting groups' case. One can only hope!

Perhaps the EPA will call this concerned citizen as an expert witness to support the anti-hunting groups' case. One can only hope!

Concerned by the health risks posed to fish and wildlife by sportsmen’s lead-based bullets and fish hooks, anti-hunting groups are pressuring the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make hunting and fishing safer for animals, both dead and alive. Sportsmen counter that the anti-hunting effort is sheer propaganda supported only by junk science.

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) plan to submit a petition to the EPA declaring that that “’it is now incontrovertible fact’ that lead fragments in the bodies of animals shot with lead bullets or lead pellets are “a serious source of lead exposure to scavenging animals’ and a health risk to humans who eat hunters’ kills,” The New York Times (NYT) reports.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has known about the efforts of anti-hunting activist groups since the CBD announced last month in an email alert their plan to launch in August a national campaign to ban the use of traditional ammunition throughout the entire United States. The NSSF wrote in a July 14 blog notice that it “considers the protection of traditional ammunition, specifically the ability of hunters and sportsmen to continue choosing for themselves the best ammunition to shoot, a legislative, regulatory and legal priority.”

Additionally, the NSSF details in an online “Fact Sheet” the propaganda and junk science that is being used by anti-hunting groups to support their on ban lead and traditional ammunition.

“Recently, some have falsely claimed that the use of traditional ammunition poses a danger to (1) wildlife, in particular raptors such as bald eagles, that may feed on entrails or unrecovered game left in the field and (2) that there is a human health risk from consuming game harvested using traditional ammunition,” the NSSF fact sheet states. “There is simply no scientific evidence that the use of traditional ammunition is having an adverse impact to wildlife populations that would require restricting or banning the use of traditional ammunition beyond current limitations, such as the scientifically-based restriction on waterfowl hunting. And, there is absolutely no evidence that consuming game harvested using tradition ammunition poses a human health risk. In fact, there has never been a single instance of an elevated lead level in a human in the history of the United States due consuming harvested game.”

The NYT was quick to take the CBD’s word that “Scientists” have found “compelling evidence of harm to many species” caused by lead-based bullets without citing (or asking for) any specific studies to back-up their claims. Maybe that’s because, as the NSSF notes, the evidence just isn’t there or is based on junk science supplied by doctors aligned with the anti-hunting groups.

“For more than a century, hundreds of millions of Americans have safely consumed game harvested using traditional hunting ammunition,” the NSSF notes. “Yet, in 2008, when a dermatologist from North Dakota who is on the board of the Peregrine Fund – a group whose stated mission it is to ban the use of traditional ammunition for hunting – claimed to have collected from food pantries packages of venison that contained fragments from lead bullets, many people became concerned and some officials overreacted to the allegations made at the time that this proved that consuming game harvested with traditional ammunition posed a human health risk.”

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The Revolution Has Begun – Join Us on Facebook

Over 15,000 strong on Facebook and growing, the Nanny State Liberation Front is recruiting freedom-loving Americans who want to stop the nanny state dead in its tracks and repair the damages big government bureaucrats have inflicted upon our great nation and its citizens.

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PETA Helps Kids Preach Its Radical ‘Gospel’ in School

While parents who purchase the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) “Student Planner” will have no beefs with its ‘back-to-school’ vegetarian/vegan propaganda kit, it’s not those kids we should be worried about being indoctrinated with the radical animal ‘rights’ agenda since they’re pretty much a lost cause. School children who still eat bologna sandwiches and don’t ask their parents if it “hurt” when the chicken became a nugget are the ones who need to know their eating habits are normal, healthy and perfectly human.

PETA says its daily planner for kids “features easy vegan recipes, tips on how to help animals, advice on starting a student group, a list of the most vegetarian-friendly schools, information on veganizing a school cafeteria, a guide to finding cosmetics and other products that haven’t been tested on animals, and more.” And, more is right!

PETA's recipe for "WTF? Wings" adorns kids' daily planners

PETA's recipe for "WTF? Wings" adorns kids' daily planners

Try explaining to kids what “WTF” means, as in, PETA’s recipe for “WTF? Wings” that appears on one of the pages in the planner. Even better, kids should ask their teachers to spell-out the profane acronym.

In addition to the daily planner, PETA wants school kids to promote the organization’s anti-poultry and anti-pork messages to fellow students. Touting the “I am not a nugget” slogan, PETA offers a notebook, pencil kit, and stationery box set (perfect for note-passing in class!) each adorned with a cute little chicken cartoon character that make for the “perfect gift for any compassionate student.”

Taking a swipe at swine, the other white meat, PETA wants school kids to jot down their notes in its “Love Me — Don’t Eat Me” notebook featuring an “adorable” pig’s face on its cover.

Ironically, there is currently a campaign sweeping the nation urging fast food and so-called “junk food” marketers to cease and desist from using cartoon characters to pitch their products to young children because they fear the cute ads put magical spells on kids that make them want to eat sugary and fatty foods. Using cartoon characters to promote the scare tactics of and agendas of radical special interest groups, however, is completely ethical and goes without controversy.

PETA’s back-to-school kits are designed and intended to help kids who’ve already been brainwashed to indoctrinate classmates who have yet to hear the scary stories about where their food comes from, how it is slaughtered, and why it is just plain evil (according to PETA). When your kids return to the school in September, be prepared to counter the propaganda with facts that debunk PETA’s myths, lies and scare tactics.

Here are some online resources to help educate yourself and your children about the ugly faces hiding behind those cute cartoon characters promoting the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle:

American Council on Science and Health
Center for Consumer Freedom
Activist Cash (a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom)

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Food Cops Exploit Kids for Political Gain

The real Fruit Guys

The real Fruit Guys

Young children that are barely old enough to speak in complete sentences were recently brought to Capitol Hill by a radical food ‘watchdog’ group in an effort to gain congressional support for the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill.

The children, dressed in costumes making them look like the Fruit of the Loom “Fruit Guys,” are being paraded around entrances to congressional buildings in silly costumes while their ‘well-informed’ adult companions tell Members of Congress and their staffers what the kids really want them to know, but just don’t know how to say, because no kids their age have a clue about this issue.

Whether or not the cheap publicity stunt that exploited young children had any real effect, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) proclaimed victory yesterday with the passage of the Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act (H.R. 5504) in the House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee.

Ironically, the CSPI recently accused McDonald’s of being no different that child predators luring children with candy in playgrounds. Exploiting children for political gain, apparently, is a legitimate marketing scheme to generate publicity and support for the CSPI’s radical agenda.

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