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State and Animal ‘Rights’ Group Seek Ban on ‘Fish Pedicures’

Fish pedicureAn odd yet popular spa treatment that involves hundreds of tiny fish nibbling away on dead skin found on women’s feet has come under fire from a New York State legislator and the notorious media whores at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). While the political angle focuses on human health concerns, the animal ‘rights’ group is worried about the pain and suffering endured by the flesh-eating fish.

Of course, this bit of nanny state news is brought to us by Bloomberg, the media empire owned and operated by New York City’s Nanny-in-Chief/Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Sen. Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) claims pedicures performed by fish cause adverse health conditions in their clients, most notably, those caused by fungal infections transmitted by “unsanitized fish in dirty water.” Robin Ross, president of the New York State Podiatric Medical Association, elaborated to Bloomberg, “The fish are defecating and urinating in that water and you’re sticking your feet in it.”

Next, we have the concerned folks at PETA chiming-in, not about their concerns for human health and safety, but about the welfare of the fish nibbling on women’s crusty feet.

“Fish are still very misunderstood,” PETA crusader Kristin Dejournet told Bloomberg. “Changing the water would need to be done quickly in the interest of the customers, but in the interest of the fish, there’s just no way to do it without the fish thinking, Oh my God, what’s happening? Is my pond drying up?” she said. “It’s not natural.”

Hey, Kristin! Think of it this way … at least the fish are still alive and working for a living, unlike their friends on ice at the seafood market.

Finally, we hear from someone who knows something about fish pedicures and can slap some common sense and reality in to at least one of these nut jobs.

John Ho told Bloomberg he is the originator of the fish pedicure in the U.S. and said there has never been a health-related incident among any of his customers, contrary to Sen. Klein’s concerns. According to Ho, “States ban fish pedicures because they don’t have much information.”

Tell Sen. Klein to get his facts before he acts on a(nother) stupid law. Here is his contact information:

Albany Office:
Capitol Building
Room 427
Albany, New York 12247

District Office:
New Office Address
3612 East Tremont Ave
Bronx, NY 10465

Toll Free – (800) 718-2039


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